The Institute for Cognition and Learning

Guiding Growth
Since 1930, Forman has been a leader in the education of students with learning differences.
John and Julie Forman were committed to developing a school that took a more scientific approach to educating students. As such, they sought the advice of the leading scientific minds of the time, including Albert Einstein and Samuel Orton. Those thought leaders were instrumental in establishing the basis of a Forman education.
In that same spirit of collaboration, when computers entered the educational landscape in the 1980s, Forman partnered with Apple Computer to bring the use of information technology to different learners.
Today we remain innovators, involved in pioneering research about cognition and learning. What we know and how we teach transforms the lives of our students. 
Expectation and Support Lead to Growth and Independence
Our faculty recognizes the potential in each student, and they are expertly trained to help students develop academic confidence and independence. The tools and strategies we teach change and develop with a student’s academic maturity and are tailored to his or her specific needs.
Forman teachers have extensive professional training in teaching students with learning differences, and learning at Forman is as individualized as a student’s fingerprints. 
Research and Innovative Classrooms
Through the Institute, national experts in the field of learning differences regularly visit our campus to train our faculty. As a result, we have many master teachers on staff whose expertise in current research and teaching methods about learning differences informs our approach to education. The results are dynamic classrooms and thriving independent learners. 

Courses Designed for Different Learners
A Forman education is designed to foster academic confidence and independence. Institute classes are designed to do just that and are integrated into each student’s daily academic schedule.
All teachers at Forman understand the needs of each student and partner with the Institute to create a tailored approach.
With strategies woven into all classes, students develop the necessary skills to be confident and successful learners, ready for college and life beyond the classroom.

Reading I & II – Using a variety of multisensory strategies to improve reading skills
Executive Function Coaching – Guidance to help students manage time, stay focused and organized, and become independent learners
Metacognitive Strategies – Helping students better understand how they learn and what strategies will improve their learning
Perspectives in Learning – Preparing students to make the transition to college with confidence

Continuous Evaluation and Support
Learning is an active, dynamic process. Constant change and growth occurs in each student day-to-day as well as year-to-year. Recognizing this, we are uniquely dedicated to supporting the educational journey of each of our students. 
Teachers are devoted to actively engaging with each student and their family. In addition, each academic department has experts who specialize in certain areas of learning. We evaluate and modify each student’s academic experience based on his or her mastery of subject matter. The result is a both a positive and rigorous academic experience that prepares them for a successful college career. 

For more information about the Institute for Cognition and Learning, or to arrange for a speaker to come to your organization, please contact School Psychologist Kelli Miller, Ph.D., 860.567.1822
Kelli Miller, Ph.D., School Psychologist
"Strategies taught within the Institute are evidence-based and proven effective at improving students' learning outcomes. Teachers work with students to master the strategies so that students may then use them independently in their content-area courses. Mastery and independence provide our students a unique advantage when they graduate from Forman--they have the tools to be successful and autonomous in a post-secondary setting."
Leaders in the Field of Learning Differences Who Have Trained Our Faculty
Neuroscientist/Psychologist George McCloskey, Ph.D. Executive Functions expert, Philadelphia College of Osteopathy.

Paul Yellin, MD, Director of the Yellin Center for Mind, Brain, and Education in New York City.

Rick Lavoie, M.A., M.Ed., Nationally recognized educator and expert on learning differences.
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