The Institute for Cognition and Learning

Since 1930, Forman has been a trailblazer in the education of students with learning differences. In the 1980s we partnered with Apple Computer to advance the use of information technology in student learning. Today we are a leader in the exploration of everything from mindfulness to neuroplasticity to multisensory ways of teaching algebra.

A focal point of our efforts to advance the field is Forman’s Institute for Cognition and Learning. The Institute undertakes the following projects:
  • Professional Development – We invest more than any other school in the professional development of teachers to make sure that they are at the forefront of education for students with learning disabilities.

  • Courses for Students – The Institute brings best-practice thinking to the classroom through courses that include:

    - Reading I & II – Using a variety of multisensory strategies to improve reading skills
    - Executive Function Coaching – Guidance to help students manage time, stay focused and organized, and become independent learners
    - Metacognitive Strategies – Helping students better understand how they learn and what strategies will improve their learning
    - Perspectives in Learning – Preparing students to make the transition to college with confidence

  • Outreach – We actively participate in conferences, symposia, and other forums, giving presentations to raise awareness of our own work while benefiting from the promising work of others.

  • Student Assessment – A psychologist and other team members work with families on site to assess student needs and challenges and to identify accommodations students may need at Forman and after they graduate.

  • Research – The education of students with learning disabilities is an evolving field. By staying involved in the latest research, we’re well positioned to bring innovations with demonstrated value to our classrooms.

    For more information about the Institute for Cognition and Learning, or to arrange for a speaker to come to your organization, please contact Associate Head of School Helen Waldron 860.567.1804.
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