Forman’s College Counseling program offers students a wide range of services to identify the college which best fits their educational and social needs, as well as their unique learning profile. The list of colleges our graduates attend, and a 100% placement rate, demonstrate the success of our approach. 
As professionally trained college counselors, we have ongoing relationships with admissions officers at an impressive array of colleges. We are enthusiastic advocates for our students and are able to effectively translate our students’ experiences and educational goals as they prepare for the transition to their college career.  
Starting in January of the junior year, we engage students in both group and individual conferences. Specific timelines (links in the green box on the right) show how the process unfolds for juniors and seniors. One-on-one work helps them gain a clearer understanding of their personal goals for college and encourages them to become actively engaged in the application process. Links are provided here to help you get more information about available resources.
We look forward to working with your child, and talking with you over the course of the college applications process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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