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Athlete of the Week

Students are chosen as Athlete of the Week based on their efforts to demonstrate the following characteristics as a member of the Forman School athletic program: sportsmanship, leadership, perseverance, selflessness, and a positive attitude. 

Justin Henges '19, Varsity Ice Hockey

Justin has been great in the net all season and had an excellent week between the pipes. He had 39 saves on 43 shots against Northfield Mount Hermon in a 4-3 loss and had 22 saves against Taft in a 4-2 win.






Eli Freilich '18, Boys JVA Basketball

Eli is the Athlete of the Week for his persistence and resilience playing almost the entire 32 minutes of each game in the past few couple weeks. Eli significantly out-rebounds opponents and continues to go strong under the basket. 






Evan Lipset '19, Varsity Wrestling

Evan wrestled two very hard fought matches, not giving up a pin in his varsity match against a very tough Taft wrestler. The Taft wrestling coach added him to the "Hardest Worker" board in their wrestling room, the first time this season an opponent was awarded the honor.






Joseph Podolsky '20: JVA Boys' Basketball

Joey had a great start to a new season, leading the offense to a Forman victory with several fast break layups and assists. In what will likely be his breakout season, Joey paid his dues last year and looks forward to stepping it up in his sophomore season.  Joey's passion for the game shines through.





Chris Schell '18: Varsity Hockey

Chris had four goals against Wooster in a 9-1 win for the hockey team. Chris was a dominating presence on the blue line in the first game by stopping multiple attempts from Wooster and by creating offensive chances from rushing the puck. Chris continues to be a great leader on the ice by always working hard and pushing him teammates to get better every day in practice. 





Robert Clifford '19: Varsity Cross Country

When our captains were injured, Rob stepped up into more of a leadership role this season. He pushes himself both during practices and during meets. He always strives to improve himself and others on the team. Rob is ready to run in rain or shine. Even outside of Forman, Rob has been running extremely hard as well. He is currently signed up for his second half marathon next week right here in Litchfield. Wish Rob luck in his endeavor! 





Harriet Insley '19: Junior Varsity Volleyball


Throughout our last two games Harriet had amazing serves that flummoxed the opposing teams; at one point she got 14 straight serves, which started the momentum for our victory over Rumsey Hall. She also showcased her tips, hits, and blocking, all of which have improved immensely this season.





Kyle Gorman '18: Varsity Football


Kyle helped lead Forman to a decisive victory over Gunnery, throwing for four touchdowns and two two-point conversions. Kyle showed poise in the pocket, often making his throws under pressure. Kyle has been a sound leader at the quarterback position and part of a core nucleus of seniors that attributed to football's success this season. 






Caroline Brufsky '18: Equestrian

Caroline spends her afternoons off campus at the Halcyon Stables, where she spends hours not only riding but taking care of three different horses. She specializes in two classes, Hunters (focusing on how the horse performs and looks) and Equitation (where the focus is on the rider and how they look). She will be traveling south to Florida this week to compete in the Junior Hunters national event.





Caitlin Lorenz '19: Girls' Varsity Volleyball

Caitlin helped us secure victories in two games this past week with her consistent serves and digs. In the 4th set against Chase, it was Caitlin's serves that put us on top and again in the 5th set against Chase, Caitlin brought us to victory with 3 aces in a row to secure a 15-13 win. Her positive attitude and sportsmanship is noted by the referees and other coaches after matches as well as by her teammates. 







Christopher Schell '18, Varsity Football

Chris is the vocal and physical leader of this program. On Saturday, Chris stepped up big on defense, breaking up passes for would-be touchdowns and making big stops at the line of scrimmage. Chris was also a key part of our comeback and overtime victory as he made many skillful catches in the back corner of the end-zone for crucial two-point conversations. 





Kseniya Kotova '18, Varsity Cross Country

Kseniya has been a great leader and mentor to her teammates and puts her all into every practice and meet. She embodies the true definition of a captain.






Thomas Troy '18, Varsity Football

While it certainly took an entire team to generate the win, it was Thomas Troy who was responsible for Forman Lions Football's first win of the season. He rushed for 220 yards, scoring 4 touchdowns, and threw the game-winning touchdown with just 6 seconds left on the clock. Thomas's grit and determination spread to the rest of the team as they fought their way to a well-earned victory. 





Sarah Kothari '18, Girls' Varsity Soccer

Sarah's hard word work and perseverance paid off this week as she scored two goals against Poughkeepsie Day school in an 8-1 win, despite injury and playing in a new position. Her leadership on and off the field is commendable!






Matthew Crockett '18, Boys' Varsity Soccer

Matt has been an outstanding leader on the Boy's Varsity soccer team this year. He has become an valuable defender and is a huge cog of our defense, leading to our first win of the season. Matt is gifted with speed and has kept opposing teams from scoring on numerous occasions. He is a joy to coach!





Maggie Zagrodzky '18, Girls' Varsity Volleyball

Maggie was an integral part of both victories against Millbrook and Chase. Her serve accuracy against Millbrook let to numerous points as well as her hits. In our most recent victory against Chase, Maggie played the best game of the season and led the game in digs as well as hits. We are very proud of Maggie and all of her improvements this season.





Brenna Radice '19, Girls' JV Volleyball

Brenna has been practicing hard and demonstrating her skills in games consistently. Her serves and hits have improved since the beginning of the season and were critical in our last two wins.







Mathew Stanley '19, Rockclimbing

Matt has been a great help with setting up climbs both at the rock wall on campus and out in the field on real rock. He has challenged himself on climbs and steadily improved his skill as a climber.






Mathew Troy '18, Varsity Football

Matthew worked extremely hard out of the backfield on Saturday, continuously driving his feet and finding running lanes when it seemed there were none. He broke through multiple tackles and rarely went down on first contact. On the defensive side of the ball, Matthew stepped up huge and shifted from cornerback to linebacker when the need arose, where he made multiple defensive stops. Matthew's work-ethic, selflessness, and love of competition embodies all of the core values of the Forman football program. 





Luke Withstandley '21, Boys' JV Soccer

Luke clearly played his best game of the season on Saturday. Playing all 80 minutes, he anchored the defense which only gave up a single goal. During both games and practices, he leads by example and can be counted on to give 110% each and every day. He practices excellent sportsmanship on the field and has been commended by the opposition for his strong character. Overall, it is obvious that he views each practice as an opportunity to improve upon his skills and learn from his mistakes. He is a true asset to the JV Soccer team.





John Blake '19, Varsity Boys' Soccer

John had an outstanding game on Saturday. He lead the team off with a beautiful goal in the first half then proceeded to dominant mid-field for the second half of the game which ultimately helped the team to score two more goals, tying the game 3-3. John is a very positive influence on the team.







Andre Mitrano '18, Varsity Sailing
Andre consistently demonstrates a can-do attitude and a respect for opponents. He is always eager to improve, not only on his own performance, but that of the entire team. Andre has set a positive tone for the season and has quickly distinguished himself a natural leader.






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