Around the Green

Joy Stillman '23 was among those who spoke during the Assembly on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Joy shared an important message in honor of the civil rights leader. 

“My message was that people's words and actions can be impactful in negative or positive ways and that it is up to them to decide how they will impact others,” Joy says. 

“Joy spoke so eloquently and authentically about the importance of attending to inclusion in this community,” says Thinking and Writing Teacher Polly Kertis, who nominated Joy for a Student Spotlight. “I want to commend her for the careful thought and loving heart she brought to that short but powerful speech.” 

Joy, who Ms. Kertis describes as “mature, self-possessed, caring, and fun,” is a member of Forman’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Club. The club’s mission is to provide a space for all to discuss topics relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

“I joined the DEI Club because I am passionate about social justice issues, and I think it is a productive way to spend my club time,” Joy says. “I enjoy talking to like-minded people and hearing their opinions and struggles. I also like having Mr. Astudillo and Mr. Phillips as the leaders because they help facilitate a safe space for discussion and organize things like the MLK Assembly.” 

Joy says there are many opportunities for other students to learn more about DEI and engage in related conversations. 

“If you want to learn more about diversity, equity, and inclusion, I recommend listening to podcasts, reading books, watching documentaries, or just absorbing some kind of media that will make you think about the world around us. Forman also offers classes that will help you form your own opinions on certain social justice issues,” she says. “You could also join the DEI Club and participate in conversations that help challenge your perspectives and learn to empathize with others by truly listening to theirs.”

In addition to the DEI Club, Joy says she enjoys many aspects of being a Forman student, including her “critical thinking classes, dorm life, and art programs like pottery, metalsmithing, and music.”