Around the Green

Alumni Spotlight - Lacey McCaw '16

We love it when alumni reach out any time but we especially love it when they have good news to share. Lacey McCaw '16 has landed her first job since graduating from college last May!


Forman was a wonderful time in Lacey’s life. She particularly enjoyed playing soccer and taking psychology classes with Mr. Halloran. “In class and on the soccer field, he was always supportive and fun,” she says. Lacey lived in Chace as a junior and a senior and she was also a prefect. 


After Forman, Lacey went to Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia. She majored in Communications with a minor in Spanish. As it was for everyone else in the Class of 2020, in high school or college, the Covid-19 pandemic was an overwhelming factor for Lacey in what might happen next. The world was a bit upside down and options hard to find. 


“After graduation, I wanted to find a job in public relations and or the digital marketing field,” says Lacey. “It was kind of a challenge because that industry put a pause on hiring during the pandemic.” But she kept at it and applied for many jobs, finally landing one in April of this year. 


Lacey McCaw is now a Senior Associate in Marketing & Communications for dentsu Media. “dentsu is an international company with offices based in many parts of the world,” says Lacey. “I’m currently based out of the New York City office and working from home running the communications and marketing plans for some of the company’s brands.” 


dentsu has many familiar clients such as Microsoft, IBM, various airlines, and LVMH, a French multinational corporation and conglomerate specializing in luxury goods such as Louis Vuitton, Moet & Chandon, and Hennessy. Right now, Lacey is still learning the ropes at dentsu but she has specific responsibilities like running social media campaigns for brands to which she is assigned.


A lot has happened in a year for Lacey and she has a great attitude as she charts the next course of her life. “I hope to grow in my company,” she says. “Right now, the beauty of my position is that I get a great balance between the PR side and the digital marketing side. As I continue to break into this field, I hope to advance and settle down in a more specific position."