Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges Faculty Spotlight: Nicole Ostaszeski

Throughout this academic year, we are celebrating faculty members who exemplify our year-long theme: Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges. Nicole Ostaszewski, Associate Dean of Students, was recognized for her work in November. 

“I am completely honored to be recognized as the faculty spotlight for Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges,” Ostaszewski says. “I would not be able to do this without the support team I have at Forman.” 

Below are two of the nominations for Ostaszewski’s recognition: 

  • “Nicole is just such an advocate for the students. She ensures that they attend class, she is attentive to their needs, and she holds them accountable! She is such a valuable person on this campus!”
  • “Nicole is collaborating with people outside of her department in order to better enhance and strengthen the community here at Forman. For example, she is willing to have discussions on difficult topics in order to better serve our students and help prepare them for life outside of school and in the future. She serves the mission of "Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges" on a daily basis.”

Ostaszewski emphasizes the importance of listening to the students and ensuring equal treatment. 

“Being a dean is not always easy, but I believe the most important thing is to make sure every student is held to the same standard so that it feels fair all the way around,” she says.

She adds that she enjoys being part of the Forman community, which she joined this year. 

“I am most thankful for the relationships I have built and also being able to work with different departments on new ideas to help shape the student experience,” she says.