Around the Green

Earth Day at Forman

In recognition of Earth Day on April 22nd, Forman is doing its part by starting an aggressive composting program in Peirce Dining Hall. The kitchen staff will be mindfully handling all appropriate waste and getting it ready for composting. Compost is a mixture of organic matter that has decayed or has been digested by organisms, used to improve soil structure and provide nutrients. 

With the help of Director of Operations Marty Bozak and his team, Forman’s compostable material will be taken to Chanticleer Acres in Litchfield, a local farm with a popular vegetable stand on Hutchinson Parkway. Chanticleer sells compost to promote sustainable and smart farming practices. 

Also on Earth Day, Lark Aresty '21 (L) and Joel Puckett '21 (R) planted red oak seedlings. “Planting just two trees can eventually capture 550 kg or 1,212.54 pound of carbon,” says Science Teacher Wendy Welshans P'24. Thanks Lark and Joel! You’re helping to lower Forman’s carbon footprint.