Around the Green

Organized Chaos with Emory Cooper '09

Collage artist Emory Cooper '09 recently got in touch with us and it was so much fun to hear how she is doing. 

After Forman, Emory enrolled at Keene State University and in 2013 earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. She was inspired at Forman by former Arts Teacher Sandy Garcia and Emory says that Sandy instilled a desire to teach art one day. “I’m not there yet,” says Emory. “But I would love to give back and teach students as Sandy taught and inspired me.” 

At Keene State, Emory learned that she had an affinity for the form of collage. “It was interesting for me to learn about myself,” she says. “I had trouble academically with math and languages. But somehow I could transfer images of, say, a mountain range in my head by piecing together bits of paper. I call it my organized chaos.” 

Click here for a time-lapse view of Emory creating her work “Summer.” “The clip certainly shows how many pieces of paper I tear while creating a piece!” says Emory. Her Instagram account is also a great way to see the variety of Emory’s art. 

After college, Emory moved right out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Her older sister Katie runs a successful restaurant out there, Snake River Grill, where Emory took occasional shifts as a server and or host. Emory was also able to take advantage of the artistic environment by putting on a few shows of her work while living and working in a world-class ski resort. 

Emory returned to her home town of Litchfield, CT in 2020 after Covid disrupted her plans to live in Wilmington, North Carolina. Right now, she is living with her parents and, when not making art, she is nannying for a local family. Her website is another wonderful way to get a sense of her work and also to request a custom collage. “I really try to get to know someone as I begin work on a project,” says Emory. “Collage allows me to incorporate a lot of small, personal details and make each piece unique.”