Around the Green

Owen Takacs ’22 presented a sign he constructed to Chef Thomas for the Lion’s Den Bistro during this week’s Senior Arts Night. The wooden sign displays the Bistro’s new logo, designed by Ben Wills ’21, who recently passed away. 

“I decided to make this sign as a tribute to my good friend Ben Wills,” Owen says. “Ben's dedication and commitment to the Bistro deserved to be recognized and it inspired me to create this to commemorate him.” 

Owen made the sign with tools and programs in the Promethean Lab with the help of Teacher Jeoffrey Langill. 

“I am very proud of my work to honor Ben,” Owen says. “None of this would be possible without the help and guidance of Mr. Langill. His passion and enthusiasm for his job are truly amazing. He has made a tremendous impact on me in many ways from the basketball court to the classroom his mentorship is something I will carry on for years to come.” 

Owen hopes this sign honors Ben and his involvement in the Bistro. 

“I want people to recognize and appreciate how great the Bistro program is and how much Ben made it what is today,” he says. “I want people to remember him for his great upbeat personality and his endless passion for the Bistro.” 

He adds, “Every time I walked into the Bistro, Ben was the first to greet me. His amazing smile lit up the entire place and his passion was truly inspiring. This sign will always be a reminder of his dedication to the program and I hope it inspires other people to continue on his legacy.”

Owen will be graduating soon but says he has appreciated the support he has received during his time at Forman. He says, “Having teachers like Mr. Langill who genuinely care about you gives me the tools to grow into the best person I can be.”

Next year, Owen is heading to college at Denver University. 

“I will be going in with an undecided major,” he says. “At Denver, I plan on discovering what I want to do for my career path and continuing to grow as a person. I'm looking forward to years in college and seeing what the future holds.”