Around the Green

Lauren Russell ’22 is this week’s Student Spotlight in recognition of her leadership and willingness to support the Forman School community. Lauren is a prefect in Hopkins Dorm and a student ambassador. She is also currently captain of the Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse Team and served as captain of the Girls’ Varsity Soccer and Basketball teams earlier this year. 

Lauren says she enjoys “the bonds you make with your fellow students and teachers” at Forman and is inspired by her experience as a first-year student to help current ninth graders. 

“My transition to Forman as a freshman was challenging, and I didn’t feel like I had upperclassmen to look up to, so I wanted to be that person for our current ninth-grade class,” she says. “I often go over to Lodge Dorm for study hall in the evenings to help the residents with homework, organization, cleaning, and social problems.”

Allie Maxwell, Assistant Head of School for Internal Affairs, describes Lauren as a quiet leader who steps up when others need it most. 

“She has really worked to support our freshmen this year,” Maxwell says. “She has gone above and beyond in terms of supporting the Lodge houseparents in checking in with students, helping them with room cleanliness, helping them with homework, making sure they feel like they have an upperclassman peer to connect to, and that’s even outside of the dorm that she lives in.”

Maxwell adds that Lauren often takes on community service opportunities and lends a helping hand to faculty. 

“She really wants to make sure that our community feels cared for,” Maxwell says. 

As graduation nears closer, Lauren is looking forward to spring traditions at Forman, including prom and Strawberry Fest, and is heading to the University of Vermont in the fall.