Summer Reading Program

The Summer Reading Program at Forman School is built around the belief that reading over the summer is fundamentally important to maintaining students' reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. It also presents us with the opportunity to nurture a love of reading. The Summer Reading List has been created with a focus on contemporary fiction and nonfiction, with the specific intent of offering high interest, accessible selections.


Choosing the Books

Students are required to read two books of their choice. Students may pick any title, regardless of what grade they will be entering in the fall. Students recommended for Honors level English will be required to read one additional book from the Honors list for their grade level. The Academic Office will notify students via email in the coming weeks if their placement recommendation for next year is Honors level, so they know to read the additional book before the fall. 

As an example, a rising junior could read The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas and Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, both from the general list; a rising junior recommended for English at the Honors level could also read Small Island by Andrea Levy, one of the five books selected for rising 11th and 12th graders who will study English at the Honors level.

The complete list of summer reading book choices along with links to their descriptions can be viewed at:

The list of required summer reading for Honors courses can be found here:

Completing a Project

Students will create a project that reflects their engagement with and understanding of each book they've read. This project must be completed over the summer. Students have many options, including creating a book trailer or poster, a video, a new book cover, or an artistic representation (through drawing, paint, collage, or sculpture) of the book. Specific guidelines and information are included on the Summer Reading website or by clicking here. Summer reading projects will be graded as an English assignment. Our goal is that these student-created book projects will be used to promote these books to other students throughout the school year.

Book Critique Option

For one of their book choices, students may choose to complete a brief book critique instead of a second project. The book critique form is included on the Summer Reading Projects page of the Summer Reading website.


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Have a wonderful summer and happy reading!



Eileen Kelly-Aguirre, Director of Studies

Michele Mongeau, Director of Library Services 

Matthew Bender, English Department Chair