Summer Reading Program

We are excited to announce next year’s school theme: Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges. When we think about preparing our students for the 21st century, we think of all the events that have encompassed a young person's experience up to this point. How do we help them build resilience in an unfamiliar world at an early age?

Our students’ neurodiverse profiles are their biggest asset. They are large-scale problem solvers and creative thinkers who can look at the world in significant, malleable ways. This generation is asking, “why?” and “what is our purpose?” It is our job to inspire them to convert their questions into actions.

We will help them dissolve the prior notions of their limitations and inspire them to lead our communities and others with their intrinsic abilities. We will be collaborators with them. We will guide them through breaking down barriers within themselves and inspire them to build upon their strengths to make the connection between rigor and purpose. 

This summer, students will be able to choose from a multitude of summer reading options based on faculty selections surrounding our theme. Books range from various texts, podcasts, and other options to meet the student body’s variety of interests. Many of the options can be found via audiobooks. Our faculty will lead small groups during Orientation to facilitate an activity on reflection, connection, and community to provide context to your child’s summer reading choice.

Click here for the full list of summer reading options, and click here for your student to make their selection if they have not done so already. Students will be paired with the faculty member who proposed their selection during Orientation. We ask students to be prepared to answer the following questions regarding their choice:

  • What did you experience, feel, and appreciate with your reading choice during your reading or listening that impacted you?
  • What was your setting around you while you read or listened?
  • Why do you think you chose this summer reading option?  
  • What questions do you have for the adult who chose this option?

Questions? Please contact Dr. Stephanie Weaver, Assistant Director of Academics, at or call 860.567.1804.