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Hats off to Blake and Lehner
Hats off to Blake and Lehner

John Blake '19 and Nathan Lehner '19 are four-year seniors at Forman School and have contributed a lot to the school. At the heart of their time at Forman, however, is their status as four year soccer players. 

Athletic Director and varsity soccer coach Scott McCarty '76 has seen it all when it comes to Forman athletes and holds Blake and Lehner in high regard. So does the Connecticut Soccer Coaches Association who named the pair to the 2018 All State Prep S-M Team. McCarty, Blake, and Lehner attended the banquet at Aqua Turf in Plantsville, CT on February 10 to celebrate with the state's best high school soccer players. 

"Nate Lehner is my Tasmanian devil on the soccer field. He's passionate, plays hard, and has an admirable work ethic." says McCarty. "He was a good captain, he led the team in scoring, and gave me his all. I could play him anywhere and he'd never complain."

"John Blake is a gifted athlete, hard worker, and a wonderful soccer player." says McCarty. "I could put him on the other team's best player and John would shut him down. Like Nate, wherever I put him, he'd just work his hardest without a word of complaint.

"Both John and Nate took on a lot this year as the program is in transition. They really stepped it up." Coach McCarty doesn't vote for these awards; the other coaches in the league do. It says a lot about John and Nate to win this honor, on a team that only won five games.