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Robotics Off to a Great Start
Robotics Off to a Great Start

The Forman School Robotics team started off the year with a VEX IQ Challenge tournament at Bolton High School on Saturday.

“We did well,” says Wendy Welshans who coaches robotics when she is not leading a hike, teaching science, running Forman Boat Works, directing the Rainforest Project, managing the Outdoor Leadership Program or being a mom. “This event was the first one for our Robotics team and only the third competition for our Advanced Robotics team. We may have been outmaneuvered a few times but that never quieted the roar of the Lions or kept them from giving their all which paid off a few times.” 

The 1930B team, Ana Diehl ‘19 and Travis Zuckerman ‘20, made it to the elimination rounds because their robot gained several points during game matches.

Joel Puckett ‘21, Joey Capo ‘21, and Duncan Mugford ‘21, team 1930C, performed well with their robot, scoring points in each match. They also demonstrated great teamwork by trying to pick up an allied robot when it was pushed over by their opponents.