Donor Stories

A gift to Forman impacts our students in immeasurable ways. The stories below are illustrative of how supporting Forman can be transformative in the lives of a student.



The Marcus Family

"Sending our daughter to Forman was the single best decision we have made as parents – it has totally changed our daughter’s life. At Forman, our daughter was engaged by professionals who really “get it” as to how to teach college prep teenagers who have struggled with learning differences. Forman has empowered our daughter with self esteem, academic achievement, self-advocacy skills and personal growth. They have prepared her for college and the outside world; we are so proud of her personal achievements, both in and outside of the classroom. Our family supports the Forman Annual Fund because we are grateful for all the many ways Forman has supported our daughter."
~ Ira and Janet Marcus (Parents of Jenny)




The Sanchez Family

"From the time our son René was a freshman, we have enthusiastically supported Forman’s annual fund. We cannot think of a more powerful way to assure that other bright young men and women, from all walks of life and backgrounds, can have an opportunity to flourish educationally and personally as our son has these last three years. We are a multicultural family. Having lived in Switzerland for over 28 years and benefiting from Latin American roots, we speak three languages at home. Both our children were born in Switzerland and English was not their mother tongue. Once a decision was made to look for a school that would better fit René's needs, Forman was on top of the list. We visited the school with René, and although he was not enthusiastic about leaving his “world” and coming to the US to study, he found the reception he got at Forman comforting, and the athletics and other opportunities interesting. He knew a few students from summer camp and so Forman it was. As parents, it was one of the hardest, yet we are totally convinced it has also been one of the best, decisions we have made for René’s future. What René has learned and gained from his time so far at Forman is something he will carry with him forever. We wish to help in a small way to keep that permanence of potential and possibilities for students for generations to come at Forman. This is what motivates us and why we give." 
~ René and Beatriz Sanchez (Parents of René)



The Sundean Family

"Our son’s experience at Forman School has been transformational. Forman has given Jake the opportunity to develop personally and academically through its unique curriculum and dedicated faculty. We have chosen to support the Annual Fund because we believe in the Forman philosophy, in the faculty who execute it, and most importantly, in the outcomes it achieves for students. Our support of the Annual Fund is our way of saying 'thank you' to the faculty and our way of ensuring students like our son Jake will have the opportunity to benefit from the transformational power of a Forman education." 
~John and Lisa Sundean (Parents of Jake)