Students with dyslexia learn differently.
Even Einstein knew that.

Forman School opened in 1930 with renowned Princeton University professor Albert Einstein on its board of advisors.

Renowned for thinking differently, Albert Einstein had a personal stake in transforming education for students who learned differently. So when Princeton alumnus John Forman approached him about sitting on the board of a new school dedicated to students with learning differences, Einstein said yes.

Einstein wasn’t the only pioneering mind on the board. Samuel Orton, an early expert in dyslexia, also had a seat at the table.

John Forman invited leading intellectual heavyweights to join him in creating a school like no other – which has become the first and best school at educating students in grades 9–12 and post-graduates with learning differences. Forman School continues his legacy today, bringing distinguished experts to campus for many hours of professional development each year

Our goal: to teach students who learn differently the way Einstein would have wanted to be taught.

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Forman School will fully open in the fall with boarding and day students. To learn more about the Reopening of Forman School, please click here