The Mathematics Department provides a stimulating and challenging curriculum for every level of learner from Pre-Algebra through advanced Calculus. Instead of focusing solely on content coverage as a gauge for success, teachers emphasize building confidence and accuracy of computation when problem solving. Through this approach, we strive to cultivate confident, lifelong learners who are grounded in sound math fluency and have strong problem-solving skills when they enter college.

All students taking a math class are expected to have a calculator for use in the classroom and on their homework. Students who do not have their own calculator at the beginning of the year will be able to purchase one through the School store during the first week of classes.

Math Support

  • All grades
  • P/F course (no credit)
  • Requires teacher recommendation

This course is taught within the Cognition and Learning Department, and is a Pass/Fail course, which receives no credit on a student’s transcript.

This course is designed to assist students with learning challenges specifically related to mathematics. Taught in addition to a content math course, Math Support enhances a student’s math ability by remediating and teaching strategies to attack increasingly advanced and/or multi-step mathematics problems. This course is open to students of any grade and math level, but enrollment requires the recommendation of the Math Department Chair, Director of Cognition & Learning, and the Director of Studies.


  • All grades

This course is offered to any student, in any grade, whose fluency of basic mathematical concepts is not yet automatic. Research driven methodologies are embedded into the class to help bridge the gap between the traditional abstract veins of algebraic thought with more accessible, concrete manipulations. Topics covered range from integers and exponents, rational and real numbers, percents, probability, equations and inequalities, graphing lines, functions, and polynomials.

Algebra I

  • All grades

This is a traditional first course in algebra. Topics include the fundamental properties of real numbers, solving linear equations and inequalities, multiplying and factoring a variety of polynomials, roots, and radical notation. Topics also include absolute value, systems of equations, and algebraic fractions. Research-driven methodologies are routinely implemented to help bridge the gap between the traditional abstract veins of algebraic thought and more accessible, concrete manipulations.


  • Open to students who have successfully completed Algebra I
  • May be taken at an Honors level with teacher recommendation

Traditional Euclidean geometry topics are covered in a standard sequence. Emphasis is placed on the deductive nature of this branch of mathematics, and on the use of algebra in solving a variety of geometric problems.

Algebra II

  • Open to students who have successfully completed Algebra I and Geometry
  • May be taken concurrently with Geometry
  • May be taken at an Honors levels with teacher recommendation

This is a standard second course in algebra, focused on preparing students for Pre-calculus. Algebraic facility and the concept of functions are emphasized. Additional topics include quadratic functions and factoring, polynomials, exponential functions, and radical functions.

Probability and Statistics

  • Grades 11, 12, PG
  • Open to student who have successfully completely Algebra II
  • May be taken at an Honors levels with teacher recommendation

This course is designed to introduce the methods of probability and statistics. Topics include laws of large numbers, discrete and continuous distributions, and sums of random variables. The bulk of the course will be project driven, allowing ample time to explore the concepts being learned the way they might be used by professionals in the field of business or science.


• Open to students who have successfully completed Algebra II

Pre-calculus is designed for students who are interested in the study of mathematics up to and through calculus in the future. The curriculum consists of many traditional topics including linear, quadratic, and polynomial functions; exponential and logarithmic functions; circle, triangle, and advanced trigonometry; linear systems and matrices, as well as other skills students will need for success in calculus.

Pre-Calculus Honors

• Open to students who have successfully completed Algebra II
• By teacher recommendation

The honors section covers many of the same topics as Pre-calculus, but concepts are explored in much more depth and detail. The pace of the course is also notably faster than that of Pre-calculus. This depth and pace enables for more time to introduce topics from calculus sooner in the second semester. Students will be introduced to Cambridge-style exam questions to help them prepare for the possibility of taking the Cambridge Assessment International AS Level Pure Mathematics course.

Calculus Honors

  • Open to students who have successfully completed Pre-Calculus
  • By teacher recommendation

This is a standard high school introductory course in calculus. Students will develop and explore the concept of limit, and progress to the development of the derivative. Derivatives of polynomial, trigonometric, and exponential functions and their applications to business, physical science, and engineering will be studied, as well as the fundamental theorem of calculus and an introduction to integral calculus. Use of a graphing calculator is an integral part of this course.

 Cambridge International AS Level Pure Mathematics

  • Grades 11, 12, PG
  • Honors
  • Open to students who have successfully completed Pre-Calculus or Pre-Calculus Honors
  • By teacher recommendation
  • 2 credits
  • Scheduled daily

This course is an upper-level Honors course for strong mathematics students who are interested in pursuing a math-related degree in college. This course will follow the syllabus outlined by the University of Cambridge in preparation for the AS Level Mathematics Examination.  Students will study the content covered in the Pure Mathematics 1 and Pure Mathematics 2 sections of the AS Level Mathematics Syllabus. The topics covered will include: Quadratics, Functions, Coordinate Geometry, Circular Measure, Logarithmic and Exponential Functions, Trigonometry, Vectors, Series, Differentiation, and Integration. Students entering this course should already have a solid foundation in several of the topics covered from their work in Pre-Calculus. At the end of this course, students will be prepared for, and are expected to take the Cambridge International AS Level Exam.

Note: Exam dates are not posted by Cambridge International Education until October, and students/parents should be prepared for the possibility of taking an exam in June, and returning to Forman for the exam at their own expense. Forman School has no control over the Cambridge course exam dates and they do not offer alternative dates for examinations.


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