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5 Tricks and Treats to Make Learning Fun at Forman
Posted 10/29/2016 01:46PM

Teachers at Forman School are taking advantage of the season by incorporating spooky activities into their classrooms. Check out these five fun lessons that are bringing learning to life for bright students who learn differently.

1. Candy Classification.


When learning about genus and species, why not have a little bit of fun? In Science Teacher Shawn Mullen’s Biology class, students had some extra motivation this week. Mr. Mullen asked them to get into groups and categorize, or classify, Halloween candy based on unique characteristics. Once the groups were able to split the treats into two or three accurate piles with Latin-sounding names (think Tootsius Rollus Largus), each student was allowed to keep three of the candies.

2. Frightening Flash Fiction!


Freshman English has never been so creepy! Students in Graham Paine’s class took the task of writing three-sentence flash fiction scary stories quite seriously this week. After creating their masterpieces, students shared what they wrote and then Mr. Paine read a story of his own while his audience munched on delicious candy.

Check out the twist ending of one student story here: “As the cold air attacked his warm face, Jerry fell to the floor and screamed as he noticed the fridge was empty. Now he knew there was no way to end the loud groaning...of his stomach.”

3. Tricky Fishies.


World Languages Teacher Kristy Easter knows that casual conversation in Spanish can tend to get tricky. Luckily, her students have the opportunity to fine tune their skills in challenging words and phrases while playing the popular card game, Go Fish! “This chapter is always a favorite for the students,” Easter said. “It allows them to relax and practice the necessary information in a fun way.” And the results speak for themselves: the average score so far on the skill assessment for this lesson is an A. “Students always end up asking throughout the year to play Go Fish because they enjoy it so much.”

See some of the conversation practice statements/questions below:

¿Tienes un __________? =Do you have a __________?

Sí, aquí tienes. = Yes, here you have it.

No tengo, lo siento. Pesca. = I don't have it, sorry. Go fish.

4. Dia de los Muertos


In light of “Day of the Dead” or “Dia de los Muertos,” which is celebrated all around the world in October, Esmeily Ventura conducted an exploration of how different cultures view death in his Spanish classes. Students created a “Hall of the Dead” with boxes displaying different cultural traditions regarding death. Students, faculty, and staff visited the exhibit, which featured the following categories:

  • El Altar Tradicional

  • Food of the Dead

  • Book of Death

  • Art Inspired by the Dead

  • Janitzio

  • Mixquic

  • Cemetery

5. Eerie Eyeballs.


When asked if she had any hands-on learning projects to share, Science Teacher Wendy Welshans replied, “Always! We are having our eyeball practical today and tomorrow.” An eyeball practical in Forman’s Anatomy and Physiology course includes the dissection of a sheep eyeball, identifying its parts, and then cementing the information with an online quiz in front of the class. Students donned lab coats and exclaimed, “Optic nerve! Cornea! Aqueous humor! Retina!” And all with real eyeballs. “Can't get much creepier than that!” Welshans said.

Every day at Forman is a reminder that education can be fun, and that it’s easy to retain knowledge when hands-on learning and effective strategies are employed. As a leader in LD education, we make it our mission to provide an environment that engages students’ brains and unlocks their imaginations.


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