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Fall 2017 PBL Exhibition Night
Posted 11/08/2017 02:59PM

Forman School held its Fall 2017 Project Based Learning (PBL) Exhibition Night on November 3 in the Student Center. Three classes demonstrated their ongoing projects and explained how they related to their studies. 

Mr. Bartlett's Latin class is in the process of developing a new board game that is based on the classic game Risk. Using a magnetic board and a map of Europe with Italy at its center, players compete to conquer territories. After a spin of the dice, players engage and when an incursion into a new area happens, the two combatants answer a series of questions. Whoever gets the most answers correct, gets the piece of land in question. The goal is to conquer Rome. 

"The questions concern Latin vocabulary, history, and some translating," says Linus Trahair '18. "And the questions serve as preparation for taking the National Latin Exam." 

The game Mr. Bartlett's class is working on is called Periculum, Latin for danger, or risk. 

Using specifically-produced QR codes, students from Mr. Zampaglione's Political Theory and Philosophy class have developed a new and engaging way to present information relevant to their studies. One click on a code with your smartphone's camera and you are taken to a fact-filled slideshow on Greek gods such as Poseidon and Zeus. 

In a nod to Forman's ongoing effort to be as "green" as possible and reduce our carbon footprint, students in Ms. Knowlton's Ecology class presented a detailed slideshow on the pros and cons of starting a compost project at Forman. Students took questions from all sides of the issue, supported by fact, figures, graphs, and charts from the presentation. This PBL exercise offers students experience in scholarship and research as well as practice in the fine art of presenting what you have learned. 

All in all, it was fun evening of learning not only about Latin, Greek gods, and composting, but also a great showcase for the diverse and powerful PBL approach to education. 


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