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Wall Street and the Business World 101

This course will be an opportunity for students to learn about the financial industry, particularly Wall Street and the Stock Market, as well as other financial fields. Through real-world simulations and hands on exercises, students will delve into the stock market and explore its various tenets. Participation in industry analysis, creating their own portfolio, and simulating trading sessions would be the crux of the Winterim. Students will develop a formal presentation that explains their reasons for investment selections, including a detailed financial analysis of at least one Fortune 500 Company. The Winterim will also include a trip to NYC and a possible tour of the trading floor. Experts from the financial/business industry will also be providing lectures and discussions. We will spend a few days discussing what it takes to open up and run a small business from scratch. Participants will be exposed to the small business world within Litchfield County and learn the basics of being a small business owner.


Day One - Portfolio

I invested into some well known companies that I know of and bought and sold quite smart throughout the day. My best companies of this day were Delta Airline, Qualcomm, and General Mills. I bought General Mills around 1:00pm because it was down almost 5%, it closed significantly higher for the day, and thus I was able to make a profit.  In the beginning of the day I bought a lot of Netflix but I sold most of it because it wasn’t doing so hot. Looking back on it, I think Netflix started off quite strong for the day, but then the profit takers came in and took their winnings.  Netflix did poorly later in the trading day, and I decided to get rid of the stock.  I looked at the newspaper Mr. Burkhart showed us (Investors Business Daily) and I decided that I had to have my money in 3 of the companies that the newspaper suggested would be excellent for this week. Those have gained me so far 2.1% for the day,  but unfortunately, I didn’t put that much money into them. I have been buying high and selling as soon as I see them fall lower than I would like. I tried to sell short but I don’t understand how that all works so I believe I'm gonna lose my $600. That is chump change to me, as Mr. Burkhart gave us a fictional portfolio of $1 million.  Moving forward, I think it will definitely help me if I continue to do solid research early in the day and then not continually buy and sell so frequently.  - Matt Crockett

Posted by Devin Burkhart on Monday February, 26


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