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Spend the morning meeting faculty, students and see our beautiful 125 acre campus! Monday, January 18 9:00am – 12:00pm

Wall Street and the Business World 101

This course will be an opportunity for students to learn about the financial industry, particularly Wall Street and the Stock Market, as well as other financial fields. Through real-world simulations and hands on exercises, students will delve into the stock market and explore its various tenets. Participation in industry analysis, creating their own portfolio, and simulating trading sessions would be the crux of the Winterim. Students will develop a formal presentation that explains their reasons for investment selections, including a detailed financial analysis of at least one Fortune 500 Company. The Winterim will also include a trip to NYC and a possible tour of the trading floor. Experts from the financial/business industry will also be providing lectures and discussions. We will spend a few days discussing what it takes to open up and run a small business from scratch. Participants will be exposed to the small business world within Litchfield County and learn the basics of being a small business owner.


Monopoly Strategy

Monopoly lesson - At the start of our game, Ian began owning all of the spots on the board. His philosophy was to immediately jump in and buy everything that he possibly could get his hands on.  Next Juan was accumulating the railroads which made him all of his money in the beginning and he started to buy property from me.  I think the concept of buying all the railroads is an excellent one, due to the fact that one does not need to purchase homes to collect a significant amount of money from them.  Additionally, there are 4 railroads on the playing, which is more than any other property group.  I was the one who kept his money and had a lucky dice roll and got 3 properties, thus enabling me to make a monopoly.  In order to make a monopoly though, I had to do some sly negotiating with Juan and looking back on it, I likely offered him too much money for what I got in return.  Yet, I decided early on in the game that having a monopoly was hugely important for me.  I had to sell some of my property to Ricardo because I owed him $400 for landing on his property that he had put a house on. Thus, I made a great deal with him. Ricardo was the first to leave the game because he landed on my property which he then had to pay me $900, so he sold all his property and houses to the bank and received money back for mortgaging them. Ricardo had the most money at the end of the day I was the second highest.  What I learned from Monopoly was how mortgages work as well as the fact that it makes sense to have a plan before you start to spend money.  I had a plan, which was to do everything I possibly could to establish a Monopoly for myself.

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