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Wall Street and the Business World 101

This course will be an opportunity for students to learn about the financial industry, particularly Wall Street and the Stock Market, as well as other financial fields. Through real-world simulations and hands on exercises, students will delve into the stock market and explore its various tenets. Participation in industry analysis, creating their own portfolio, and simulating trading sessions would be the crux of the Winterim. Students will develop a formal presentation that explains their reasons for investment selections, including a detailed financial analysis of at least one Fortune 500 Company. The Winterim will also include a trip to NYC and a possible tour of the trading floor. Experts from the financial/business industry will also be providing lectures and discussions. We will spend a few days discussing what it takes to open up and run a small business from scratch. Participants will be exposed to the small business world within Litchfield County and learn the basics of being a small business owner.


Business Plan Creation

As part of the Winterim, students are tasked with creating a business and writing a plan:



Company overview

Hi-tech means Home improvement technology. We will be selling indoor and outdoor systems for doors. The outdoor systems will open by handprint activated that will be run on a software that will be able to add handprints and remove handprints. The systems can be used by bluetooth from the Hi-tech app the outdoor system can be opened by pets with a rfid tag on the collar. The indoor system can be open by motion sensor placed within 10ft of the door. The system can work during power outages by batteries that will be able to run for 3 week at time. We will be able to make money by selling the product to senior homes,people who are disabled,and people with pets.


Company stages

The first year we will measure success by how many units get sold per month. The first month will just be about get advertising and get people to notice Hi-tech. The months following will be about working with nursing homes and getting companies to partner up with Hi-tech. We will need to get licenses for nursing homes and the batteries to make sure they don’t catch on fire and we will get a patined for the product. We will also find the amount it will cost to run per month to pay employees. Hi-tech will work with U.S manufacturers to make more jobs.  Hi tech will be on amazon because 80% of online orders on are through amazon.


Product details

The Hi-tech door system will be two different systems for the use the outdoor and indoor. The outdoor system will be a door lock and motor that can be used by handprint pad installed on the door or next to it depending on the user preferences. The outdoor system can be used by app for ios and for android the app lets the user to connect to their system using bluetooth. The outdoor system can also be used by the hand pad with software to run through the Hi-tech files and find the hand you can add or remove hand prints. The indoor system can be used for pets,nursing homes,and people who are disabled.the indoor system will use motion sensor that are 10 to 15 ft away from the door there will be 4 motion sensor that open and close the door.The indoor system will run on electric motor. The door can also be manually operate if it fails. There are also batteries that can run for 3 weeks then get charged when the system is not in use.the outdoor system will also be on battery power during power outages.


Company mission statement

Hi-tech mission is to help shape the future of home and safety.doors should not be a obstacle for everyone it should be quick and simple.


--Daniel Nichols

Posted by Devin Burkhart on Friday March, 2


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