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Spend the morning meeting faculty, students and see our beautiful 125 acre campus! Monday, January 18 9:00am – 12:00pm


Required Computing Devices

Forman School is a leader in utilizing applications from Appleā€™s App Store and iBooks. In an effort to ensure your student has the right technology solution for their upcoming School year, all students are required to have an Apple iPad with at least 32GB of memory or a MacBook with at least 8GB of memory. It is not necessary to have 4G in the iPad. If you choose an iPad, we recommend an external keyboard.

Additional Computing Devices

Students are also encouraged to bring their own systems to campus, although there are various computer locations that are available to all students during the academic day and during study hall. If students wish to connect to the Forman Wireless/LAN with their own computers, they will get the best results by using Apple OSX or Microsoft Windows 7 or 8.

It is suggested that students have the following software installed on their computers prior to coming to school:

  • operating system specific patches and updates
  • Microsoft Office or equivalent
  • Spyware/Adware removal (Spybot, Adaware, Microsoft Antispyware, etc.)
  • Mozilla Firefox Internet browser

Students are allowed to use iPhones or other handheld devices to manage their schedules and assignments. Use of personal devices is encouraged in support of learning and not permitted during classes, mealtimes, sporting events or at assemblies.


Forman School
12 Norfolk Road, P.O. Box 80, Litchfield, CT 06759
Phone: 860.567.8712
Fax: 860.567.8317


Forman School is a coeducational, preparatory boarding and day school for grades 9-PG exclusively dedicated to empowering bright students who learn differently.




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