Why Choose Forman School for Kids with Learning Differences?

We were the first coed college prep school for students with learning differences – and we’re still the best.

We are experts. 

We know how to teach adolescents with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, and executive function deficits, and we have abundant resources to engage even twice-exceptional students. We seek out advanced research and bring outside experts to campus to lead professional development workshops. We incorporate proven methods in every aspect of school life. We value inclusion, and we empower students to understand how their brains function so that they can advocate for what they need. In 1930, we were the first to do what we do. Today, nobody does it better.


All our students gain admission to 4-year colleges. 

In terms of outcomes, a 100% college acceptance rate for a school where students learn differently is hard to beat. Because our students are bright and motivated, and because we give them the support of a professional Cognition and Learning team,  Forman can offer a college preparatory curriculum on par with that of any other independent boarding and day school. Add a highly personal College Counseling Department, and you have the Forman recipe for how to move LD kids from high school to higher ed. 


We are a safe, resource-rich, 24/7 community where individuals shine.

One of the great benefits for students with an LD of attending an LD school is that they get to experience, often for the first time, what it feels like not to be defined by their learning difference. That frees up energy to focus on what makes them really stand out: their interests, passions, and talents. We never pull students out of class or activities. Instead, we present them with opportunities to discover what they’re good at and the resources to pursue their dreams. From arts to sports to student leadership to study abroad, the possibilities are limitless.


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Our program does not support students with behavioral and emotional difficulties, or those on the autism spectrum.