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Welcome to Forman School

At Forman—America’s first college prep school specializing in ADHD and dyslexia—learning differently isn’t what makes you different. Our tailored curriculum adapts to every student, preparing them for college—and the world.


Our college admission rate? 100%.

From small class sizes and high-tech classrooms to a Cognition and Learning Department, Forman is a place for academic growth. Year-on-year, all graduates are accepted into four-year college programs.

"Being able to have the hands-on support I did at Forman, I knew—and still know to this day—that I am capable of accomplishing anything.”
Sophia Gadsden Forman graduate
About Forman

We’ve gone beyond from the beginning. 

Since our founding in 1930, we’ve been educational pioneers. In the 40s, Dr. Albert Einstein consulted on our early curriculum. In the 80s, TIME called us America’s best school for learning differences. Now, we adapt to every student’s learning profile, collaborating with experts in reading, adolescent executive functioning, and beyond.

Student-Teacher Ratio
Sublime Acres

215 exceptional students


Hear it straight from our community.

"Students are continually practicing skills around metacognition. The concept of being able to drive your own brain is essential.”
Devin Burkhart Director of the Cognition and Learning Department, Advisor, and Dorm Parent
"I’d like to be a golf club engineer when I graduate. Recently, in the Promethean Lab, I built my own putters with a CNC machine."
Current Forman student
"I love going to the open Visual Arts and Performing Center, where I can work on fun projects and try new techniques.”
Current Forman student

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