College Placement for Students with Dyslexia & Learning Differences

Forman School’s Approach to College Placement

Forman students – 100 percent of them – earn the opportunity to attend the four-year college or university that is best for them.


When a student enrolls in a college or university that is a great fit – according to that student’s own definition of greatness – we count that as a success. 

That requires our college counselors to take an individualized approach. We take Forman students’ needs for specific types of learning support – their unique learning profile – into account when looking at colleges. We also take into account each student’s personal strengths, talents, and lifelong dreams. Our goal is to offer caring and knowledgeable counsel on right-fit schools for each Forman student by guiding them to delineate their own personal set of criteria. That way we help ensure success in college.


We believe the process works best when the student is ready to own it – to collaborate with a college counselors, to do the work of test taking and essay writing, and, ultimately, to find the right fit. 

Perspectives in Learning Course

In the experience of our professional College Counseling Department, the best time to start, for the majority of students, is junior year. While we invite students and parents to inquire about the process earlier, we officially kick off with a two-year course called Perspectives in Learning. Some topics include preparing for the SAT and/or ACT, drafting powerful college essays, and developing a college list of schools that are a good match. 


Forman’s college counseling team uses Naviance, the latest technology available to enhance students’ college search experience, to help students align their strengths and interests to their goals for college. Each student is assigned an account to access this important tool. Current students may access their accounts by contacting the College Counseling Office at

Group Conferences and One-on-One College Advising

Starting in January of junior year, we engage students in both group and individual conferences. One-on-one work helps students gain a clearer understanding of their personal goals for college and encourages them to become actively engaged in the application process. 

Relationships with College Admission Officers

Conferencing also helps counselors get to know each student. As professionally trained college counselors, we have ongoing relationships with admissions officers at a wide array of colleges. We are enthusiastic advocates for our students and, because we spend so much time with them one-on-one, we are able to effectively translate their experiences and educational goals to key decision makers.


One-hundred percent of Forman students graduate with the option to enroll in a four-year college or university.