A rigorous curriculum tailored to ADHD and dyslexia.

We balance change and stability to maximize engagement.

Forman’s trimester schedule creates flexibility and choice for students. They’re able to master core academic skills in a highly structured environment and dig deeper into topics that intrigue them. Faculty meet regularly to track individual progress and help students connect the dots between concepts and subjects, elevating their critical thinking.


  • Thinking and writing
  • Cognition and learning
  • College counseling
  • English
  • History and social sciences
  • Science
  • Health, wellness, and leadership
  • Mathematics
  • World languages
  • Art
  • Promethean Program

Thinking and writing

All 9th, 10th and 11th grade Forman students take thinking and writing classes, with electives available too. Here, they’ll learn how to effectively structure writing, to link ideas and arguments smoothly, to critically evaluate ideas, and get into the weeds of grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and formatting.

Cognition and learning

This flagship department runs small, hyper-focused classes on executive functioning, reading, and more, so students can understand—and master—their own brain. Subjects are developed in tandem with experts in education and the neuroscience of adolescence.

College counseling

As juniors, our students explore future pathways via college counseling, with courses that help them navigate their interests and learning needs. Seniors take two ultra-tailored post-secondary planning courses to guide them through the end-to-end process of applications, and building skills to navigate their post-Forman world.


From foundational classes that build up students as thinkers, readers, and writers, to over 30 elective courses (including honor level) that deep-dive into public speaking, memoir, academic writing, American poetry, modern drama, and more, Forman’s English department offers something for everyone—while ensuring they master the essentials.

History and social sciences

Delve into US history; world history; art, music, and literature biographies; and economics, with classes spanning freshman to honors level. Whether unpacking Chinese empires, 20th-century fascism, or major supreme court cases, our tight-knit classes and direct teaching enable students to critically unpack the bigger picture.


Be it fundamental freshman courses or honor-level opportunities, science students flourish in and out of our high-tech labs. They build farms—studying soils, population ecology, and conservation law—create robots, examine the fetal development of baby chicks in incubators, and get hands-on experience in forensics, physics, psychology, biology, and more.

Health, wellness, and leadership

All students take one health class per year, with the objective of building self-knowledge and esteem. Topics move from media literacy to relationships and mental health, with class discussions and reflective journaling.


In standard, elective, and honors classes—from intro mathematics to statistics—faculty work to build confidence in every student, and introduce practical applications for life outside class.

World languages

Forman offers four levels of study in both Spanish and American Sign Language, cultivating a natural progression between each multi-term course. Beyond acquiring writing, speaking/vocabulary, and listening skills, they’ll also research Spanish and American sign culture.


Formans arts program is multi-disciplinary, encompassing classes on ceramics, painting, digital art, metalsmithing, architecture, culinary arts, and more. You’ll acquire practical skills and engage with the output of contemporary artists, making it an exciting journey through the visual world.

Promethean Program

The Promethean Lab is a versatile, hands-on learning lab. Students can practice mold-making, woodwork, metal fabrication, CAD and CNC engineering, and other innovative technologies, then apply them to major creative projects—and solve problems for their communities.

Our students take Cambridge-level classes.

Embrace your potential. Forman students—juniors, seniors, or post-graduates—can take advanced classes that align with a college-level curriculum. Cambridge classes meet daily, fulfill two credits, and are offered across our English, Science, Mathematics, and History Departments.

Graduate with an academic edge.

We hold the bar high for students—and make space for them to rise to it. Every Forman graduate gains admission to four-year colleges. Our rigorous graduation requirements include four credits of English, three credits of Math, History, and Science, and 15 hours of community service per year.

Graduation Requirements:
  • 12 Credits of English 

  • 9 Credits of Mathematics 

  • 9 Credits of History, including 3 Credits of U.S. History 

  • 9 Credits of Science, including 6 Credits of Lab Sciences; 3 Credits of Biology required 

  • 3 Credits of Thinking and Writing 

  • 3 Credits of Cognition & Learning 

  • 3 Credits of Post-Secondary Planning 

  • 6 Credits of Art 

  • 6 Credits of a World Language are Strongly Recommended 

  • 1 Credit of Health, Wellness & Leadership, per year 

  • 1.5 Credit of Winterim, per year 

  • 15 Hours of Community Service, per year