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The best way to get to know Forman is to visit and see us in action. We're looking forward to getting to know you and hope to be as helpful as possible as you search for the right fit school—one that matches your aspirations and talents with the unique opportunities at Forman.

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Submit evaluations & recommendations

Along with the application form, please submit educational testing given within the last three years. We require testing prior to scheduling a campus visit and interview. Testing must include measures of cognitive ability such as a WISC/WAIS test as well as measures of achievement such as WJ-IV or WIAT-III.

Please provide your test results by:

Fax: 860.567.3501
Mail: Forman School | Admission Office | 12 Norfolk Rd. | P.O. Box 80 | Litchfield, CT | 06759

We look forward to meeting you. In the meantime, if you have any questions we encourage you to contact us directly at 860.567.1802 or

Teacher Recommendation Forms

For Summer Program applicants, please select one of the three recommendation forms to submit as part of your application. 

Principal Recommendation English Recommendation Math Recommendation Transcript Request

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Begin your online application anytime by clicking one of the buttons below. The preferred method of application is through the online Forman School Application. In addition, we support the Standard Application Online (SAO).

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It has never been easier to apply to Forman. We operate on a rolling admission basis. Beginning in December, the Admission Committee will begin reviewing completed applications, and students typically receive a decision within two weeks.

To apply, complete these steps at any time.

“Forman helped nurture me into a person with the discipline, skill sets, and abilities to succeed in the world. I am forever in their debt.”
Eli Morgan Gesner Forman Graduate
a message from our director of admission, jaime feinman

"Welcome prospective families!

We’re thrilled you are here to learn more about Forman and the opportunities for your child to thrive in an educational setting unlike any they’ve experienced.

A Forman education is innovative—and wholly transformative—for so many reasons. One of the most important facets is that every student here truly learns differently. For many students, this was a source of frustration in the past as it became a major element of their identity in school.

At Forman, having a learning difference doesn’t define you. Every student has an area of academic weakness—whether it’s executive functioning, math, or reading—so their learning style is no longer something that sets them apart from peers. We’ve found that when teens cease to focus on their learning struggles, there’s a sense of freedom and empowerment. Suddenly, they have the energy to rediscover (or uncover!) the passions, interests, and talents that genuinely form their identity as unique and successful young adults.

I invite you to campus to see Forman in action and learn what makes it so special for yourself. During the tour, you’ll meet our devoted faculty, who know how to teach each individual student because we’re dedicated to the professional development of teachers. You’ll see students who are scholars, leaders, scientists, musicians, athletes, and actors. You’ll discover inspiring learning spaces. Most importantly, you’ll find a community that instills the confidence and critical skills that carry students to success in the classroom, college, and beyond. 

Please feel free to contact anyone on our admission team and get started on becoming part of our amazing community. We can’t wait to meet you.”

Jamie Feinman, Director of Admission

“We were impressed with Forman right from our first website visit. Here is a school that is very clear in its mission to support kids exactly like our daughter.”
Current Forman parents
Our Admissions Team
Jaime Feinman
Director of Admission
Meredith Shafer
Associate Director of Admission
Dr. Maryellen Ruth
Director of the Forman Diagnostic Center
Tyler Harrington
Assistant Director of Admission
Ryan Yursha
Admission Counselor
Susan DeAngelis P'08, P'12
Admission Assistant