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Academics at Forman
Learning at Forman

We hold the bar high—and help you to rise to it.

Our Academics Hold the Bar High & Help You to Rise to It

Small, focused class sizes 

From their first day at Forman, students learn they really matter. Classes average eight students, enabling teachers to closely track challenges and growth. A trimester schedule and adaptive curriculum help teens master core skills, while giving them flexibility to pursue subjects that excite them.

Specialist teachers who notice and nurture. 

All Forman faculty receive ongoing professional development, and tailor teaching to meet each student where they are. Their classrooms are equipped with the latest assistive technology, from SMART Boards to iPads loaded with note-taking and speech-to-text apps. Twice-weekly meetings with faculty advisors enable students to take ownership of progress, with goal setting and action plans.

“Helping our students trust us—by showing we see and respect them as individuals—has a tremendous impact on how they’re able to show up in the classroom.”
Erika Della Calce Chair of History and Social Sciences Department

A department for cognition and learning

Cognition and learning are built into Forman’s curriculum, like any timetabled subject. Students succeed at their own pace—mastering metacognition strategies and reading principles and improving executive functions—without being isolated from other students. It’s inclusive empowerment.

Experiences like no other school.

Feature filmmaking and global travel during Winterim. An on-campus eatery where budding chefs can cut their teeth. A Rainforest Program for young conservationists. Forman’s flagship programs are unrivaled, building independence, ambition, and college application-worthy experiences.

The Promethean Program

Inside our tech-forward Promethean Lab, passion projects come to life. Here, ambitious students at all grade levels experiment, collaborate, and problem-solve.


Two weeks of immersive experiential education and unprecedented learning—driven by your interests. Think a Bavarian castle tour, self-reflection on ethical tourism in South Africa, small business startup and management courses, or a photo odyssey in Japan.

Cognition and Learning Department 

Forman’s specialist department runs evidence-based, compulsory classes. Students master metacognitive strategies, develop reading and word attack skills, and undertake executive function coaching.

Lion’s Den Bistro

Enterprising young foodies gain experience at our on-campus eatery, learning alongside a chef and partnering with local businesses—from farms to bakeries.

Rainforest Project 

A rigorous non-profit program empowering students to find alternatives to tropical deforestation, including field research in Costa Rica.