Artificial Intelligence Educator Presents to Forman Faculty

March 29, 2024

Forman welcomed Dan Fitzpatrick, a pioneer in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and education, to campus on Tuesday, March 26th. Dan, who hails from the UK, spoke to faculty during a Professional Development Day on how Forman can approach and embrace AI, as well as the benefits AI can have for students with learning differences. 

Dan’s best-selling book, The AI Classroom: Teaching & Learning in the Artificial Intelligence Revolution, showcases his insights and strategies for leveraging AI in educational settings. 

“In The AI Classroom, we uncover a manageable, transformative path to AI integration,” he writes online. “We demonstrate that the AI world we live in isn't scary, it's bubbling with potential for education.”

Dr. Catherine Stines, Dean of Faculty, says the presentation aligned with Forman’s year-long theme of “Level Up!” 

“Our educators are thinking ahead about the world to come and how we can best serve our students,” says Dr. Stines. “AI is a large part of that conversation and we’re beginning to feel prepared after our fruitful conversation and training from Dan!”

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