Athletics Spotlight

Forman's 2023-24 Winter Sports and Recreational Programs Shine Bright

March 29, 2024

We are thrilled to share the highlights of our talented athletes and dedicated participants as Forman's winter sports teams and recreational programs conclude their seasons with outstanding performances and achievements.

  • Boatbuilding: The team engaged in a thrilling top-secret project, set to be revealed at the end of the school year, showcasing creativity and craftsmanship.

  • Culinary Bistro: Students learned valuable cooking and preparation skills, discovered the importance of healthy eating habits, and practiced maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen.

  • Music: The MGC Student Center was filled with delightful melodies as our musicians worked hard to compose beautiful music, showcasing their dedication and talent.

  • Ski and Snowboarding: Exciting days were spent on Mohawk Mountain, not only perfecting skills on the slopes but also fostering lasting friendships.

  • Theater: The stage came alive with the production of "Into the Woods," featuring a captivating blend of student and faculty talent alongside an exceptional stage crew.

  • Yearbook: Students worked on a meticulously designed book that preserves beloved memories and stories from the year, capturing the heart of our community.

2023-2024 Boys' Junior Varsity Basketball
  • Alpine Skiing: Our Alpine Skiing teams soared to success, with the girls securing an impressive second-place finish and the boys claiming a commendable fourth place in the New England Championship, highlighting their skill and determination on the slopes.

  • Basketball: Our Basketball teams demonstrated remarkable growth and success, both on and off the court, reflecting our athletes' hard work and determination.

  • Hockey: Exciting games kept fans on the edge of their seats as our Hockey team showcased their progress and skills throughout the season.

  • Wrestling: Wrestlers displayed their exceptional talent, with numerous athletes invited to prestigious tournaments, including Western New Englands and New Englands. Their skill and determination were on full display, with impressive performances throughout the season.

2023-2024 Music

As we celebrate the accomplishments of our athletes and participants, we extend our sincerest gratitude to our dedicated coaches, who have played an integral role in guiding and supporting our students throughout their journey.

Content submitted by John Strawson, Director of Athletics. John is also the Director of the Summer Program and Head Boys’ Varsity Basketball Coach.

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