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Alumni Weekend

We regretfully announce that we have canceled the Alumni Weekend festivities scheduled for May 1-3. Due to the pandemic we are all facing, it is not feasible to host a large gathering of people on campus in early May. We look forward to a time when we can all get together and celebrate as a community again. Thank you for being understanding. For further information, please watch for the monthly Alumni e-Newsletter.


To view pictures from Alumni Weekend 2019, click here

Planning a visit?

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Alumni Relations

Contact the Alumni Office to arrange a campus or personal visit or if you wish to host an event.  If you want to connect with other alumni, we can assist with that as well.

Direct Line: 860.567.2847
Email: alumni@formanschool.org


Upcoming Events

Stay tuned!


~ Class Agent Job Description ~
Class Agents are essential to the success of any alumni program. Through their efforts, classmates 
stay in touch with each other and the School. Class Agent activities include the following:

❖    Track addresses and telephone numbers of classmates and notify the School by phone or e-mail.
❖    Gather news and updates for the alumni notes section of the Forman Letter and pass the 
information on to the School.
❖    Help the School find “lost” alumni. Often, you will know where he/she are long before we do.
❖    Notify school/classmates when a member of your class passes away.
❖    Have a presence on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) and keep up-to-date with school happenings, events, etc., to share with other alumni.

❖    Assist with and try to attend regional receptions.
❖    Encourage classmates to support the Annual Fund via a class letter or a phone call/e-mail. 
Make a gift of your own - it’s easier to ask others to contribute when you have already given.
❖    Suggest classmates who could be resources for campus programs.
❖    Provide Admissions Office with names of student(s) who might want to attend Forman 

Alumni Weekend
❖    Obtain a current class list from the Advancement Office so you can begin contacting your class 
to encourage attendance. If there are “lost” alums, divide up the list among committee members and 
see if you can locate them.
❖    As you get nearer the reunion, continue making calls to classmates. Often you’ll find that 
people want to know who else is coming before they make a decision to attend.
❖    Attend Class Agent meetings at Alumni Weekend.

Confidentiality Agreement 
❖  As a Class Agent, you are given personal contact information for your classmates. We ask that
you do not share or distribute this information with anyone.