How to Support Forman School

There are many ways to support the transformative experience that constitutes a Forman education. Every gift, regardless of its amount, makes a difference.

How to Make a Gift

Forman appreciates the support received from many contributors. Here is a summary of the many ways a donor can make his or her gift to Forman:

  • Online: Give now with a credit card through the secure online gift portal
  • By mail: Mail your gift, in the form of a check, to Forman School, P.O. Box 80, Litchfield, CT 06759-9977.
  • Stock transfer: Read below on how to donate appreciated securities for instructions. 
  • Wire transfer: Read below on wire transfers for instructions.

Please contact Susan Reis, Director of Database Management Technology at 860.567.1809, with any questions.

Ways to Give

Here are the ways you can support the School's mission by giving to Forman.

The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund Campaign begins on July 1st and concludes on June 30th of each year and the funds that are raised help “extend the reach” of our programs and facilities by providing support for their operation.
In addition, they provide a tax-deductible opportunity for members of the School community to contribute to our financial well-being. Many of the solicitation activities for the annual campaigns are conducted by parent, grandparent, and alumni volunteers.

For more information, contact Sean Maguire '89, P'22, Director of the Annual Fund, at 860.567.2848 or

The John and Julie Forman Legacy Fund

This fund is a specialized appeal within the Annual Fund, directed to alumni who attended the School in the 1960s and early 1970s, the last years of John and Julie’s time at the School. The funds that are raised support our programs and facilities in the same manner that the general Annual Fund does. This fund provides alumni from this era a special opportunity to honor and remember the lives and heritage of John and Julie Forman.

For more information, contact Duncan Marshall ’67, Senior Alumni Officer, at 860.567.1840 or

Capital Gifts

Capital gifts are financial gifts that allow Forman to fund major strategic initiatives such as technological enhancements, student life programming, facility improvements, and construction, all to ensure the long-term excellence of the School and its facilities. Capital giving begins at a minimum of $25,000. These gifts, unlike Annual Fund gifts, can be pledged over a period of two to three years at a minimum, and can reflect the name(s) of a donor or a donor’s family. While these gifts usually are made by extremely generous individuals or families, they can be made as a group gift by classes of Alumni, especially during a reunion year.


For more information, contact Justin Solomon, at 860.567.1896 or

Endowment Gifts

Forman’s endowment consists of funds contributed by various individuals, classes, and foundations to ensure the longevity and financial strength of the School. Endowment funds are invested and the annual interest that is earned is used for the purposes requested by the fund’s donor(s). The School’s investment policy and spending policies are determined by the Board of Trustees. These gifts offer a personalized and meaningful way to memorialize an individual or honor a class while supporting a worthwhile endeavor and perpetuating its existence.

For more information, contact Justin Solomon, Assistant Head of School for Institutional Advancement, at 860.567.1896 or

Planned Gifts

A planned gift involves the transfer of assets affecting the distribution of one’s estate. Gifts of this type enable a donor to make significant gifts beyond their current income and can provide significant tax benefits. The simplest of all planned gifts is a bequest, a deferred gift left by a donor in his or her estate in such forms as cash, securities, real estate, and tangible personal property, the remainder of an IRA, a tax-sheltered annuity, pension, or profit-sharing plan. Although bequests are not realized immediately, their magnitude can ultimately have a major impact on the financial well-being of Forman. Other types of gifts include gift annuities, remainder trusts, lead trusts, and a retained life estate option.

The Copper Beech Society is the acknowledgment circle created to recognize individuals who have advised Forman in writing that they have made Forman a beneficiary in their estate planning. At present, 49 individuals are members of the society. Members are recognized annually in the Annual Report.

For more information, contact Duncan Marshall ’67, Senior Alumni Officer, at 860.567.1840 or The School strongly suggests that you consult your individual financial planner, tax advisor, and attorney before finalizing any planned gift.


These gifts are donations of goods and services such as vehicles, computers, musical instruments, works of art, sports equipment, etc. The School retains the right to not accept gifts that cannot be made use of or that would be costly to maintain or store. IRS rules regarding gift valuation and tax credit are complex and it is best that a donor consult a tax advisor before considering making such a gift.

To discuss a possible gift-in-kind idea, please contact Justin Solomon, Assistant Head of School for Institutional Advancement, at 860.567.1896 or

Matching Gifts

Matching gifts are corporate benefit programs that allow an employee to have his or her gift to a charitable institution matched, thus increasing the value of the donor’s gift. Donors should check to see if their employer offers a matching gift program, what type of gifts are matched, and what the matching ratio is. The donor must initiate the matching gift with their employer. 

For more information, contact Sean Maguire '89, P'22 Director of the Annual Fund, at 860.567.2848 or


Volunteer Opportunities

Beyond financial gifts, the School values and appreciates the many ways parents, alumni, former parents, and grandparents volunteer their time and particular expertise to enrich the school community. You can get involved by:

  • Being an Admission Open House volunteer
  • Contacting prospective parents
  • Hosting regional admission receptions
  • Serving as a grade level parent representative
  • Assisting with Grandparents' Day programs
  • Hosting parent regional, international, and summer receptions
  • Finding speakers or presenting at student assemblies
  • Assisting with annual and Senior Class fundraising
  • Serving as an alumni Class Agent
  • Providing career networking opportunities for young alumni

For more information, contact Liz Funk P'12, Director of Alumni and Parent Programs, at 860.567.2847,

If you have any questions on leadership gifts ($25,000 or more) or scholarships, please contact Justin Solomon, Assistant Head of School for Institutional Advancement at 860.567.1896 or


 How to Donate Appreciated Securities

Gifts of appreciated securities can provide donors with significant tax benefits. A contribution of appreciated securities entitles the donor to a charitable contribution equal to the fair market value of the securities and none of the appreciation is taxable. For income tax deduction purposes the gift value will reflect the average of the high and low price of the stock on the day it was received in the School's account.

If you wish to transfer securities to the Forman School's brokerage account, please contact your broker at your brokerage firm and ask him or her to make the transfer on your behalf. Your broker should contact Forman’s firm and speak with any service representative.

The Forman School’s firm is:
Vanguard Brokerage Services
PO Box 1170
Valley Forge, PA 19482-1170

Your broker should be prepared to provide the following information:
Account name: The Forman School Brokerage Account
Account number: 73134107
DTC number: 0062 The donor should provide the following information:
Name of the stock
Date of transfer
Purpose of the gift

The donor should call of the following persons for DTC instructions or with any questions:
Justin Solomon:

Susan Reis:

Finally, please contact Susan Reis, Director of Database Management, at 860.567.1809 or to inform her of the purpose of the gift and the type of securities being donated in order to guarantee that the gift is properly credited and acknowledged.


Wire Transfer

Receiver Bank: Bankers' Bank Northeast Receiver
ABA: 011110617
Receiver SWIFT: NORHUS33
Receiver Address: 655 Winding Brook Drive Glastonbury, CT 06033
Beneficiary FI Identifier: 1038
Beneficiary Name: Litchfield Bancorp
Beneficiary Address: 294 West Street Litchfield, CT 06759
Beneficiary Phone: 1-860-393-9159
Beneficiary Contact Name: Micki Budney
For Further Credit To: The Forman School Inc. 12 Norfolk Rd, Litchfield CT 06759
Customer Account #: 7300109938
Reference information Student's full name


Thank you for your support of Forman School.

If you have any questions on leadership gifts ($25,000 or more) or scholarships, please contact Justin Solomon, Assistant Head of School for Institutional Advancement at 860.567.1896 or