Performing Arts

Train with the best—then share your passion with peers.

Be it in studios, rehearsal spaces, or the stage, our Performing Arts Program empowers every student to make magic without judgment. Classes invite dynamic inquiry and experimentation, integrating learned techniques and public performances. Some faculty members are working actors and musicians, infusing their classes with invaluable industry experience.

Performing Arts: Train With the Best & Share Your Passion With Peers


Discover a world of musical possibilities. We offer weekly classes in instrumental and vocal music, theory, and composition. (For an additional fee there are private lessons, too). Our music ensembles—who perform on campus and in the local community—span multiple genres: rock, blues, and jazz, plus vocal ensembles. 

Classes available:
  • Music theory

  • Rhythm workshop 

  • Electronic music production

  • Instrumental ensemble

  • Guitar ensemble

  • Vocal ensemble


Set your body in motion. Forman’s dance offering runs six days a week—during the sports block on school days. In a mirrored studio, dancers sharpen techniques and learn modern and contemporary choreography.


Build confidence and amplify your unique voice. We run six theater classes, alongside three full-scale co-curricular productions—a comedy, a drama, and a musical—with auditions open to all students. For the productions, rehearsals are held during sports block, with major performances staged in the Jake Cloobeck ’16 Theater. 

Classes available:
  • Acting 

  • Improvisation

  • Character study

  • The art of one-act play

  • The art of conversation

  • The art of monologue