Different Paths for Different Students

Forman School Athletics offers something for everyone – from traditional interscholastic sports to surprising options like culinary arts and theater. 


Our Philosophy

The athletics staff at Forman create an environment where students can be successful. No one is left out. And no one misses out on the greatest lessons that athletics has to offer: self-discipline, leadership, commitment, collaboration, self-confidence, and more. We teach students not to fear failure, but to accept that is a necessary step on the path to success – in sports and in life. 

Positive Coaching

We don’t recruit athletes. Instead, we turn all kinds of students into athletes. From the seasoned player looking to compete at the college level to the beginner who just wants to try something new – we develop skills through positive coaching and practice. 

Interscholastic Competition

We offer 30 competitive and non-competitive sports, both single-gender and coed. The competitive Forman Lions play in a small, interscholastic league that values good sportsmanship and kindness as much as it values winning. With varsity and JV teams, everyone can play and no one misses out on the thrill of competition. Athletics staff and coaches – many of whom are also teachers – celebrate standout performers as Athletes of the Week.

Competitive sports include crew, cross country, football, sailing, soccer, volleyball, alpine skiing, basketball, hockey, wrestling, baseball, equestrian, golf, lacrosse, softball, tennis, and ultimate frisbee. 

More Sports!

What we count as sports at Forman is incredibly broad, truly offering something for everyone. These activities balance out students’ academic side, shaping students into whole, healthy, well-rounded individuals.

Non-competitive sports feature unexpected options that you probably won’t find on most other schools’ athletics lists: boatbuilding, rock climbing, dance, recreational skiing and snowboarding, white water kayaking – even culinary, a.k.a., cooking.


Athletic Director John Strawson




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