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September Level Up! Faculty Spotlight: Nicole Ostaszewski

September 28, 2023

In September, Director of Student Life Nicole Ostaszewski was nominated as the faculty member who most embodied the 2023-2024 school year’s theme: Level Up! 

“In my new role as the Director of Student Life, I've been steadily leveling up my approach to fostering a thriving boarding school community,” says Ms. Ostaszewski. “Effective communication and regular check-ins with colleagues have proven essential in streamlining our initiatives. But what truly fuels my passion is building meaningful relationships with our students.”

“Having been a part of boarding school life for seven years, I understand that the foundation of my role lies in nurturing a sense of community and trust,” she continues. “It's in these connections that the heart of our educational mission thrives, making every day in this position an inspiring journey of growth and dedication.”

Her nominations said, in part: 

  • “Nicole has truly started off the year wonderfully. She has been working diligently to make sure that all faculty and students are comfortable, and her pivot [during] Orientation was awesome.”

  • “She has seamlessly switched roles at Forman and demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our students and faculty’s growth and development. Nicole's ability to model creativity, enthusiasm, and thinking outside the box, even in the face of personal responsibilities, is truly inspiring. She embodies the intrinsic qualities of a leader and exemplifies how one can continue to "Level Up" both personally and professionally.” 

  • “Her flexibility to go to plan B, and the smile she kept on her face the whole time was nothing short of inspirational. She is an amazing example for all of us.”

Read more about the Level Up! theme here

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