Forman Spotlight

Setting the Tone for the School Year

August 1, 2023

Throughout the school year, the Forman community focuses on a chosen theme—participating in activities, discussions, and more. 

“When we look towards a new school year, it's an opportunity for all of us to redefine ourselves. That's the beautiful, cyclical nature of schools!” says Dr. Catherine Stines, Dean of Faculty. “We get to set the intention as a community to look inward and think to ourselves how we can develop both internally and externally. It's not in every job nor career you get to do that; it's a special thing that schools own: a theme, a direction, a purpose, and one year to capitalize on that intention. The research we do have on year-long themes tells us that the power and potential of using school-wide themes build school spirit, morale, camaraderie, and test scores."

Level Up! is Forman’s 2023-2024 school year theme. The theme encompasses what we know to be true: our students are the key to solving the world's future challenges. Colleges, companies, and organizations are looking for bright young people who are highly creative, enthusiastic, altruistic, and think outside the box. These are the intrinsic qualities of a Forman student and what we believe will help them continue to “Level Up!” long after they graduate. 

The Level Up! theme invites the entire Forman community to challenge themselves and others around them.

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