What To Expect on a Campus Visit at Forman

February 8, 2023

The best way to get to know Forman is to visit and see us in action. Our campus is in the quintessential New England town of Litchfield, Connecticut, a two-hour drive from New York City, a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Boston, and a one-hour drive from Hartford. 

How long will my visit be, and what is included in the visit? 

A visit typically lasts about two hours and consists of a student-led tour of campus followed by a meeting with admission team members, both for the prospective student and visiting family members. We host visits for individual families, so you can bring whomever you would like and however many people you would like!

We always start with an hour-long campus tour to ensure families have a good overview of campus and get to know the personal experiences of the student ambassadors who give the tours. It is pivotal for students to see, in action, all the supports and structures incorporated into the day to understand what it could look like for them. A huge piece of what makes our community so special is the people within it, so tours are packed with new faces, places, and spaces to provide an active and authentic glimpse into life on campus.

The campus tour includes a look into academic and residential life here at Forman. We have a diverse array of spaces where students spend their academic day, from science labs to discussion-based classrooms to our many art studios, and we know that each visitor will feel connected to a different space. You will see that all of our academic spaces are intentionally curated to be intimate, engaging, and dynamic. We also know that a lot of learning happens outside of the traditional classroom setting, so it is crucial to see spaces that would enhance your experience in terms of residential life. Visits highlight dorms, athletic facilities, and other community spaces.

One of the most unique aspects of Forman’s academic programming you will learn more about is our Cognition and Learning Department. In cognition and learning classes, each student works with an expertly-trained teacher and a small group of students with similar learning profiles to build strategies related to their needs. These classes meet just like any other subject, but what feels so different is the level of individualization for students to feel empowered through their learning.  

The second half of visits are spent meeting with the admission team. This meeting can serve many purposes — some families like to use it as an opportunity to learn more about how Forman can match the specific needs of the student, and others use it as a time to answer any questions, from what to expect at boarding school to our application process. The process is individualized based on what helps prospective students and their families get the best understanding of our approach. 

Interviews are not a requirement during a campus visit. However, if a student is considering applying for the upcoming year, it is encouraged since it is a requirement of the application. It allows us to get to know the student better and ensure they leave campus with a solid understanding of Forman.

When can we visit? 

We host visitors Monday-Friday according to our class schedule. We typically have four appointments available per day, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. To see what days and times are available, you can reach out to us by calling 860.567.1802 or emailing

What are some helpful tips? 

  • Book your visit in advance.

  • Submit your student’s most recent educational testing prior to your visit. Testing should include measures of cognitive ability, such as a WISC/WAIS test, as well as measures of achievement, such as WJ-IV or WIAT-III. 

  • Research our website and bring questions.  

  • Be yourself, and be open about your learning difference.  

  • Be open to lots of new experiences!

At Forman, we want to ensure you come away from your visit with a variety of perspectives surrounding the day-to-day structure of boarding school and how we differentiate our support for all types of learners. We look forward to getting to know you and hope to be as helpful as possible as you search for the right school. 

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Written by: Forman School Admission Team

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