Boarding School Life

Why Board?

Forman School is all about creating the optimum conditions for students with learning differences to thrive. We are the best option amongst boarding schools and we believe a 24/7 boarding school environment is ideal.  


Some Benefits of Boarding:

A Home Away from Home
While nothing can replace a student’s family, the students and teachers who live in the dorms become their own kind of family. Dorm-mates bond over cookies in the common room and dinners with dorm parents. Classmates from 27 states and 12 countries tend to find lifelong friends.

Round-the-Clock Support 
Getting out of bed on time, eating breakfast, remembering where you left your phone – for high school students the world over, the struggle is real. For teens with learning differences, Forman School’s fix is an entire faculty who go out of their way to keep students focused from dawn ’til dawn.

The Luxury of Time
Do you know who has no commute? Attendees of boarding schools for learning differences. The hours boarding students save on carpooling goes into finishing up homework, working with tutors, and, when not focusing on academics, diving into activities on our 125-acre campus, in town, or in Boston and NYC.

A Taste of Independence
With the scaffolding of Forman’s high expectations and rules to make students feel safe, secure, and supported, students use their time here to grow into adulthood. Some do their own laundry. Some learn to cook. Students learn to look out for themselves and their friends as they venture into town to hang out or do some shopping. They build confidence being themselves among people with different interests, from different places around the world. They also learn how to manage their time. It takes practice, but the goal is for students to meet their obligations so that they can maximize their commitment to their passions and interests.