Answers to your questions about life at Forman—from the admission process to academics, athletics, and beyond.


What is the profile of a Forman student?

Forman School students are academically motivated and have identified learning differences such as dyslexia, executive function difficulties, or attention deficits. Our program does not support students with behavioral and emotional difficulties, social communication disorder, or those on the autism spectrum.

How much does it cost to attend Forman School?

The boarding tuition for the 2023-2024 academic year is $88,500, which includes room, board, and all services provided by our learning specialists and tutors.

The day tuition for the 2023-2024 academic year is $72,300, which includes board and all services provided by our learning specialists and tutors.

How do I apply to Forman School?

The preferred method of application is through the online Forman Application. In addition, we support the SSATB Common Application.


What is the application deadline?

We operate on a rolling admission basis. As soon as an application is complete, the decision process begins.

What tests are required for admission to Forman School?

Please submit educational testing given within the last three years along with the application form. Forman requires testing prior to scheduling a campus visit and interview. Testing must include measures of cognitive ability such as a WISC/WAIS test and measures of achievement such as WJ-IV or WIAT-III.

How many students attend Forman School?

Around 215 students attend Forman.

Where do students at Forman come from?

The student body represents more than 30 states and nine countries. 

What grades are taught at Forman School?

We teach grades 9-12, as well as post-graduates.

Does Forman School have a summer program?

Yes. The Forman Summer Program is a four-week, coeducational boarding and day camp that takes place on the Forman School campus in Litchfield, CT, during the month of July. Open to any students entering grades 7-11 who would benefit from our individualized approach to learning, this program provides students insight into our innovative teaching techniques.

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What are the class sizes at Forman School?

Class sizes average eight students, and the teacher-to-student ratio is 4:1, allowing individualized learning. 

What is the class schedule at Forman School?

Forman’s trimester schedule creates flexibility and choice for students. They’re able to master core academic skills in a highly structured environment and dig deeper into topics that intrigue them. Faculty meet regularly to track individual progress and help students connect the dots between concepts and subjects, elevating their critical thinking.

What tools will be provided for my student with learning differences?

Support for students with learning differences is built into the curriculum at Forman through expertly trained teachers and Learning and Cognition courses.

Students graduate from Forman with strong core skills and the self-knowledge to advocate for what they will always need to succeed in the classroom and in life.

What are Forman School’s flagship programs?

We have several transformative flagship programs. They're all part of a curriculum aimed at providing individualized instruction and creative, hands-on environments to learn.

Flagship programs include courses from our Cognition and Learning Department, Winterim, Promethean Program, Cambridge Level Classes, and the Rainforest Project.

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What is Forman School’s Winterim program?

For two weeks in March, right before Spring Break, Forman students and teachers leave the classroom for our Winterim program. After choosing a course of study, students immerse themselves in an intensive hands-on learning experience.

Courses may involve anything from producing a full-length feature film to exploring a foreign country. More than two dozen options are available each year, domestically and abroad. Click here for the 2023-2024 Winterim Course Guide. 

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What courses are required for students to graduate from Forman School?

Credit requirements for graduation: 

12 credits of English 

9 credits of mathematics 

9 credits of history, including 3 credits of U.S. history 

9 credits of science, including 6 credits of lab sciences 

3 credits of biology

3 credits of thinking and writing 

3 credits of cognition and learning 

3 credits of post-secondary planning 

6 credits of art 

6 credits of a world language are strongly recommended 

1 credit of health, wellness, and leadership

1.5 credit of Winterim, per year 

15 Hours of community service, per year

What is the matriculation rate of Forman School graduates?

100% of Forman students earn the opportunity to attend the four-year college or university that is best for them.

When do students study and complete their homework?

All students are engaged in study hall from 8:00-9:30 p.m., Sunday through Friday. Students are expected to make good use of evening study time and are typically assigned to the dormitory, the library, Ninth Grade Study Hall, or an instructional study hall. Faculty members are available in each dorm to supervise and give academic help.

How can I get updates about how my student is doing in their classes?

Grades and comments can be viewed by parents and students on LION, which is the parent and student portal.

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Student life

Do students board at Forman School?

Yes. About 85% of the student body are boarding students.

How many dorms are there at Forman School?

 Forman School has 15 dorms. Click here for the campus map.

Do Forman faculty/staff live in the dorms?

Yes. Each dorm has one primary dorm parent and one secondary dorm parent. Dorm parents are often students’ teachers and coaches. They supervise students who live in the residence halls, address individual student needs, support the overall wellbeing of the residents, and more. 

What activities are offered on the weekends?

There is a wide range of weekend activities for students, including board game competitions, shopping at nearby malls, movie trips, ice cream runs, shuttle rides into Litchfield center, and baking sessions, just to name a few. Weekends also include many options for students to earn their community service hours.

What happens after classes at Forman?

Team sports and recreational activities occur after classes, and dinner is served each weekday at 6:00 p.m.

Do students have to pay for meals?

No. The cost of meals is included in the tuition.

Student health

What happens if my student gets sick at school?

Forman has a Student Health Center on campus, which promotes wellness and provides supportive (not primary) clinical care for students.

What mental health support is offered to students at Forman?

There are counselors and psychologists on staff who provide support for students’ emotional health and well-being.

Day students

What is the schedule for day students?

Day students are not required to attend breakfast, but they are welcome. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday classes begin at 8:45 a.m. and  Wednesday classes begin at 8:30 a.m. For attendance purposes, day students are asked to check in for the day either at breakfast or by texting the Administrator on Duty upon arrival before the first class of the day. Some day students choose to depart after their mandatory sport or afternoon activity commitment (typically anywhere from 5:00-6:00 p.m. depending on the sport), while others stay until after dinner or study hall.

On Saturdays, all students are required to attend their athletic or activity commitment immediately after lunch. Coaches will let students know the exact times depending on their sport/activity. Additionally, many Saturday mornings and occasional Friday evenings will include community programming or cultural events.

Is evening study hall mandatory?

Evening study hall (Monday-Thursday, 8:00-9:30 p.m.) is not mandatory for day students, but it is recommended to attend as many nights a week that will work for your family’s schedule.

Are day students allowed to leave campus during the day?

Day students are expected to remain on campus from the beginning of the academic day until the completion of their athletic commitment. During this window of time, they may not leave without their parent/guardian's permission.

Day students must notify the AOD via text whenever they arrive and depart from campus each day.

How will I know if there is a schedule change? 

Charlene Halloran, Director of Counseling and Day Student Liaison will email day parents weekly, and any time there is a change in the normal schedule. Charlene is the point of contact for any questions or concerns for day student families. She can be reached at or 860.567.1815.


What sports and recreational activities are offered at Forman?

Forman offers something for everyone—from traditional interscholastic sports to surprising options like culinary arts and theater. 

Athletic sports include crew, cross country, football, soccer, volleyball, alpine skiing, basketball, hockey, wrestling, baseball, golf, lacrosse, tennis, ultimate frisbee, and whitewater kayaking.

Recreational activities include culinary arts, boat building, dance, rock climbing, recreational skiing and snowboarding, and equestrian.

Are students required to participate in a sport or recreational activity?

Students are required to participate each afternoon, Monday-Saturday, throughout the year in Forman’s after-class program. All students are expected to attend their selected sport/activity home and away competitions and events.

I live far away. How can I watch my student’s athletic games and competitions?

If you are unable to attend in-person, many athletic games and competitions are live-streamed. 

Ways to connect

How can I meet and interact with other Forman parents?

  1. Forman provides opportunities throughout the year for families to cultivate a deep understanding of the school’s programming and the student experience. On and off-campus gatherings allow families to connect and mingle. We encourage all parents/guardians to attend the fall and spring Parents’ Weekends. We also host a Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day in the fall. 

  2. All parents are members of our Parent Association. The Parent Association Executive Committee works in tandem with the Office of Institutional Advancement to encourage parent participation and giving to the Annual Fund, as well as sponsor and coordinate on-campus events, such as a Super Bowl Party and Faculty/Staff Appreciation Day.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact Heather Ford, Director of Parent and Alumni Program, at

How can I connect with fellow Forman School alumni?

The Forman Alumni Office strives to cultivate a strong alumni network through various programs, including on-campus events, such as Alumni Weekend, and off-campus gatherings and experiences.

Please contact Heather Ford, Director of Parent and Alumni Program, at

Forman and Beyond

How can I give back to Forman?

There are many ways to support the transformative experience that constitutes a Forman education, including: 

  • Online: Give now with a credit card through the secure online gift portal. 

  • By mail: Mail your gift, in the form of a check, to Forman School, P.O. Box 80, Litchfield, CT 06759-9977.

  • Stock transfer: Please contact Ben Nadeau, Director of Development Operations, at 860.567.1833 or

  • Wire transfer: Please contact Ben Nadeau, Director of Development Operations, at 860.567.1833 or with any questions.

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Does Forman have a school store?

The School Store is located on the lower level of Peirce Dining Hall. Textbooks and academic supplies, health and beauty aids, sporting goods, clothing, and other miscellaneous items are available.