Strategic Plan



Forman School’s strategic plan is rooted in our mission and reflects our commitment to shaping the future of education for all learners. This plan was carefully crafted to outline goals and initiatives to guide us through our future. Strategic priorities focus on our academic program, faculty and staff, post-secondary success of our students, and the long-term strength of our school. We seek to reinforce our position as a leader in educational research and support our students through that research—ultimately, delivering the best educational experience.
Strategic Plan Priorities

Strengthen and further differentiate the academic program at Forman School

Forman’s curriculum integrates key skill development across all disciplines with a specific focus on the needs of students with learning differences. We are committed to being at the leading edge of research and establishing enhanced spaces for that research, as well as learning for our students. The implementation of the latest assistive technology is instrumental in fostering students’ strengths and offering accommodations in the classroom.

  • Hire a nationally recognized thought leader in the field of learning differences to lead the work of our Cognition and Learning Department

  • Construct a new Cognition and Learning building that provides the ideal space for students to engage in the critical core of our academic program and aid in facilitating further research on learning differences

  • Lead the way in assistive technology to support students in their learning

  • Design and implement a comprehensive assessment process that measures student progress both at Forman and after Forman

  • Partner with university research teams to conduct
    original research in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics strategies/skill development for adolescents with learning differences

  • Expand our research on executive function skill/strategy development in adolescents

  • Review our curriculum to ensure it actively promotes the latest research-based techniques for success with adolescents who learn differently

Hire, train, and recruit world-class faculty members

Forman’s dedicated faculty recognizes and values the unique qualities of each student, developing deep connections to
support individual student growth toward academic excellence. Prioritizing professional development and growth opportunities
is essential for strengthening our faculty’s capacity to educate
our students effectively. These proactive steps will ensure our teachers possess the training and expertise to deliver cutting-edge interventions and support the development of discipline-based knowledge and skills for students who learn differently.

  • Assess the current duty structure and schedule to ensure faculty members are able to lead balanced and healthy lives

  • Expand professional development to ensure every teacher successfully implements the latest research-based teaching techniques in their classrooms

  • Review the current compensation model to ensure we remain competitive in teacher compensation and recruitment

  • Expand opportunities for faculty and staff members to grow in their leadership

Ensure students are fully prepared for the challenges of college and life after Forman

Forman uses a scaffolded approach to support each student in stepping out of their comfort zone, constantly preparing them for greater independence and autonomy as they grow into adulthood.

  • Implement a comprehensive survey of our current students, current parents, faculty/staff, and alumni within ten years of graduation to better understand areas for improvement

  • Revise our academic and student life programs to align with the needs of our graduates as they transition to college and adulthood

  • Expand our offerings in the areas of mental health and student wellness to address concerning national trends in these areas

Strengthen Forman for the future

In our ongoing commitment to the growth and prosperity of our school, we prioritize the expansion of our campus, programming, giving, and revenue. These endeavors represent our dedication to a future in which we continue to provide an exceptional educational experience for our students and strengthen the school’s position in the years to come.

  • Increase the endowment to support student financial aid and faculty compensation

  • Explore and expand renewable energy opportunities to ensure our campus is efficient in its energy consumption and supportive of a healthy environment

  • Expand our Ingenuity Year program to support student success as they transition to college

  • Explore ways to expand our Summer Program in terms of revenue growth and admissions recruitment

  • Explore alternative revenue sources to aid in Forman being less tuition-dependent

  • Develop endowed funds to support ongoing research and faculty chair positions in Cognition and Learning and assistive technology

Our Commitment

Building our students’ self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-advocacy is what makes Forman unique in the educational landscape. This strategic plan represents our commitment to continuing our legacy and further distinguishing our school as the very best for students with learning differences. We will continue to provide unwavering support for our students as we implement our strategic priorities. We are excited about the journey ahead.
Forman School acknowledges that the strategic plan functions as a roadmap and recognizes that the dynamic nature of education and the evolving needs of our school and our students may result in adjustments to the plan. We will remain flexible throughout its implementation.