Welcome prospective families!

We are thrilled that you are here to learn more about Forman School and the opportunities for your child to thrive in an educational setting unlike any they’ve experienced before.

A Forman education is innovative and transformative for so many reasons. One of the most important facets is that every student here learns differently. For many, this was a source of frustration in the past as it became one of the most distinguishing hallmarks of their identity in school.

Imagine being in a community where everyone, like you, has an area of academic weakness — whether it’s executive functioning, math, or reading — so that your learning style can no longer be something that sets you apart from your peers. When students cease to focus mainly on their learning struggles, then a transformation truly starts. Suddenly, students have the time and energy to rediscover or uncover the passions, interests, and talents that genuinely form their identity as unique, confident, successful young adults.

At Forman, having a learning difference does not define you.

I invite you to campus to see Forman in action! While on campus you will see devoted faculty who know how to teach each individual student because we dedicate more time than any other school to the professional development and training of our teachers. You will see students who are scholars, leaders, musicians, athletes, actors, and friends. You will see a community of people from the dorms to the athletic fields who are dedicated to teaching students the skills they need to find confidence and success in the classroom, college, and beyond.

Please feel free to contact anyone on our admission team to get started on becoming part of this amazing community. We look forward to meeting you!

All the best,
Jaime Feinman
Director of Admission


Meet the Team

Jaime Feinman
Director of Admission

Dr. Maryellen Ruth
Director of the Forman Diagnostic Center

Meredith Shafer
Associate Director of Admission

Hannah Oxholm
Assistant Director of Admission
860.567.1803 hannah.oxholm@formanschool.org

Tyler Harrington
Assistant Director of Admission

Susan DeAngelis P'08, P'12
Admission Assistant