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  • Ben joined Forman in August 2012 and teaches English and Latin; he brings over 20 years of professional independent school experience. He worked at South Kent School for six years, and at Cushing Academy in Massachusetts for six years, as well. Ben also worked at Rocky Hill School in Rhode Island where he taught English and Latin, coached soccer, ice hockey, and lacrosse, and served as an academic advisor. Born, raised, and educated at South Kent School, Ben is an enthusiastic participant in all aspects of campus life. He has three children and lives on campus with his wife and daughter.

  • Graham joined Forman in July 2016 with nearly 20 years of experience in independent schools teaching English, advising, and coaching middle and high schoolers. Previously, he has enjoyed assisting with theatrical lighting for school productions, coordinating experiential learning programs, directing residence life, and more, all the while earning two Master’s degrees. Graham has coached water polo, skiing, cycling, track and field, and soccer, and has been part of a CARE committee to foster respect among students and the community. Most recently, he was the Assistant Director of College Counseling and Testing Coordinator at his alma mater, Kents Hill School, where he had graduated cum laude in 1992. Graham teaches English at Forman and serves as a Dorm Parent in Hamilton.




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