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Forman Faculty Inspire Students with Personal Stories

February 23, 2024

In Forman’s Post-Secondary Planning classes, faculty members have been sharing stories about their post-high school experiences and how they got to where they are today. The initiative was started as a way to inspire students and ignite excitement about their futures after graduation. 

All juniors and seniors take Post-Secondary Planning courses, which are designed to help students make informed and knowledgeable decisions regarding their future educational and career choices.

The College Counseling Department suggested topics for faculty to discuss, such as their own post-high school planning process, transition to college, major in college, whether they would do anything differently, and if they had any advice to give to themselves. 

“We hope that the students gain insight into the experiences that faculty members have had navigating college and their careers,” shared the College Counseling Department. “We [also] hope students see the variety of options available to them after graduation through real-world examples from their educators.”

Among the faculty who have shared their experiences are World Languages Teacher Cecelia Cannavo, Humanities Teacher Katherine Griffin, Arts Teacher Tammy Grella, Assistant Head of School for Internal Affairs Allie Maxwell, and School Counselor and Therapist Jeanne Murray.

“[This initiative] allows [students] to relate to faculty experiences and creates the opportunity for further conversation to be had,” the College Counseling Department noted. 

Students have also expressed interest in how teachers’ journeys brought them to Forman. We are excited to continue this initiative throughout the rest of the year to further engage students with the larger Forman community.

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