Flagship Programs

Forman School’s flagship programs encapsulate some of our greatest strengths: We are experts in learning differences. We offer individualized support. And we give students opportunities to thrive – as science has proven people with learning differences do – in settings where they can learn by doing.


Cognition and Learning

Forman School’s foundational mission is to be a center for scientific and practical studies of the best ways to teach students with learning differences. The Cognition and Learning Department is a natural extension of that mission. For teachers, the department runs a robust professional development program to keep them on the leading edge of learning science. For students, the department assigns the following courses based on their unique learning profiles: 

  • Metacognitive Strategies
  • Multisensory Reading
  • Executive Function Coaching
  • A course called Perspectives in Learning, offered in the junior and senior years, focuses on the transition to college.


For two weeks in March, right before Spring Break, Forman students and teachers leave the classroom for our two-week Winterim program. After choosing a course of study, students immerse themselves in an intensive hands-on learning experience. Courses may involve anything from producing a full-length feature film to exploring a foreign country. More than two dozen options are available each year, domestically and abroad. 

Ingenuity Program

The Ingenuity Program at Forman School is a voluntary talent development program for students at every grade level who are driven to pursue a passion project. Students bring an idea to the table. A dedicated faculty advisor provides the structure and support to ensure that each student makes meaningful progress. Students maintain their own website chronicling the experience, which some have included in their college application portfolios. Other Ingenuity students serve as a sounding board. Most important, students have nearly every imaginable tool available to them to make their dreams palpable in the Ingenuity Lab. 

Cambridge Level Classes

The Cambridge Assessment International Education is offered in the English, science, mathematics and history departments. These classes are honors classes and are offered to juniors, seniors and post-graduates.  Each Cambridge class meets daily and students earn 2 credits.

Rainforest Program

The Forman School Rainforest Project is a nonprofit program dedicated to rainforest education through hands-on scientific research conducted by young adults from northwest Connecticut high schools.

The Rainforest Project started in 1993 as an exploration to the tropics. Since its inception, there have been great strides in gathering scientific data in a professional way that are being used by universities and museums. Forman School holds two patents based on the students' work harvesting silk from the Golden Orb spider.