Summer Program 2020

The State of Connecticut recently issued new guidance on residential summer school programs. The Governor’s office recognizes that, at this point, it would be unwise to allow residential summer schools to operate. We are in full support of the State of Connecticut guidelines and our ultimate interest is the health and safety of all individuals. Although we will be unable to open our traditional program this summer, we expect to offer our full, regular Summer Program in 2021.

For this summer, we will be offering a program to families who seek to move past the distractions of this spring and get their students back on track academically. This alternative approach is outlined below.

  • The program will run for six weeks from June 29th to August 7th and is open to students from grades six through twelve who seek to work on academic skills.  
  • Virtual classes will begin on June 29th and in person classes will start on July 6th.
  • Students may enroll as they wish, from a minimum of two weeks to the full six. 
  • Classes will run four days a week; they will be online and 30 to 40 minutes in length.
  • For students within driving distance, we will offer in-person instruction in adherence to the social distancing standards that are in effect at that point. Tutorial in nature, classes will be very small or one-on-one. We will offer classes in the following areas:
    • Reading - Proven techniques like Orton-Gillingham and Wilson-based methods are utilized in this course. Students will learn to navigate assistive technologies, build comprehension and note-taking skills, and vocabulary acquisition.
    • Writing - Through research-based methods, assistive technology, and skilled teaching, students discover the process of unlocking their individual voices.
    • Math - Through differentiated instruction and a multi-sensory approach to problem solving, students build confidence and proficiency in a chosen area of basic mathematical comprehension, pre-algebra, algebra I, algebra II, or geometry.
    • Executive Function - Students develop a greater understanding of time management, sustained attention, impulse control, mental flexibility, and goal-directed persistence.  
    • SAT Prep - Students build the confidence and skills to be more successful on the ACT and SAT by learning test taking strategies, and working on individualized practice tips. 

We will offer these courses in an a la carte fashion; students may enroll in as many classes as they wish, whether it’s one course or all five. Pricing is $300 per class, per week.

Forman’s Summer Program is an important part of what we offer as a school. It can often serve as a wonderful gateway for entry to the School itself. If our plan for the summer of 2020 is appealing to your family, please reach out to our Admission Office by emailing them at