Forman School is searching for a new Head of School

August 17, 2023

Dear Forman School Community,

The Head of School Search Committee is happy to provide you with an update on our process. Over the last three months, the Search Committee worked with our Search Consultants, Carney, Sandoe & Associates, to evaluate an impressive and qualified group for the Head of School position.

We evaluated each candidate’s educational background and work experience. Most importantly, we also assessed their commitment to Forman’s mission. From a larger group, we selected nine candidates to interview. We completed this task and selected three candidates to visit Forman’s campus in July. During this visit, the candidates met with the Search Committee, toured the campus, saw the Summer Program in action, met with available faculty and staff, and had post-visit sessions with trustees. After these summer visits, the Search Committee had follow-up conversations with the candidates and their references.

The Committee has now invited two finalists to visit the school on September 6th and September 13th. These visits will provide additional touch points for the Committee to consider in making their final decision. Constituents will have an opportunity to submit an evaluation of each finalist. After vetting the feedback from our community, the Search Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees for a new Head of School.

We expect to announce the Board’s selection of the new Head of School in October. Adam K. Man P’15 will continue performing in his usual professional manner through June 2024. Once the Board has made its decision, it will also establish a transition committee to ensure that there will be a smooth handoff of duties.

As previously mentioned, the Search Committee welcomes your feedback, takes this responsibility seriously, and is grounded in the Forman mission. The Search Committee’s work, interviews, and interactions with potential candidates are done on a confidential basis to protect the candidates. We ask you to support and honor this confidentiality. 

We are currently completing the campus visit schedules. Each candidate will be scheduled to meet with trustees, faculty, staff, administration, current parents, alumni, and other interested members of the community. We will distribute the visit schedules when finished, prior to each candidate's visit.

The Committee thanks all of the members of the Forman community who have made themselves available during this process. We especially appreciate the impressive spirit of cooperation from the school’s staff. Forman is a unique and wonderful school, and this is a critical point in its history.

Michael L. Cook P’15
Chair, Search Committee

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Head of School Search

Head of School Adam K. Man P'15 will retire at the end of the 2023-2024 academic year. The Board of Trustees is responsible for hiring a new Head of School and has formed a Search Committee to lead that process. This group of board members brings demonstrated commitment to Forman's mission and values, as well as diversity of perspectives and opinions to the process.

The Committee consists of the following: 

  • Anne Buckley P'13, P'20

  • Michael Cook P'15

  • John Finnerty P'11

  • Elizabeth Garber Daniels '93

  • Annette Jenner-Matthews '87

The task at hand is very clear: to find the best Head of School to build upon the tremendous progress and achievements the school has attained under Adam Man's leadership. 

We encourage you to visit this page often for updates on our search process. 

Carney, Sandoe & Associates

The Search Committee has retained Carney Sandoe & Associates to assist us in the Head of School search process. Carney Sandoe & Associates is a leading educational search firm that places administrators and teachers in educational institutions across the nation and worldwide. In the review process, the firm impressed the Committee members with their knowledge of the school, their past experience in the marketplace, and their demonstrated ability to attract talented and qualified candidates.

Carney Sandoe Contacts:

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