Blending and thriving

At Forman School, every student has an identified learning difference. We are dedicated to students in grades 9–12 and post-graduates with language-based learning differences, ADHD, and executive function deficits. 

What happens first at Forman is students quickly realize that they’re just one among many with the same diagnosis. The student with ADHD is no longer singled out. The student with dyslexia is no longer pulled from class. No one’s learning difference results in being called out or picked on – not by anyone. 

Forman teachers are mindful, fully present, and 110 percent “on.” In other words, they are totally and completely attentive to the needs of each student. In a boarding school environment, they often know their students not only as young academics but as athletes and artists, too. They know that the most effective approach to capturing the attention of students who tend to be inattentive is to be highly attentive themselves.

*Our program does not support students with behavioral and emotional difficulties, or those on the autism spectrum