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Every year, during the first Friday All-School Meeting, Head of School Adam K. Man challenges the All-School President to a competition. The two stand in front of the entire Forman community with flashcards, each card printed with a photo of a new student on the front and the corresponding name on the back, and see who can identify more new Forman students based on their photo alone. It is a pressured battle of wits and memory. 

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On the morning of Monday September 9, Head of School Adam K. Man welcomed Forman students to the new academic year at the first all-school assembly. The Jake Cloobeck ‘16 Theater in the Visual and Performing Arts Center was filled with new and returning students and faculty as well as administrative staff.

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The beginning of the School year brings the return of annual traditions and rites at Forman. At the start of the fall semester, four-year senior boys and girls have dinner with Head of School Adam K. Man and his wife, Beth. The menu has a tradition as well. After snacks of soda and chips, a dinner of steak, vegetables and potatoes is served. Dessert is a platter of various sweet confections.

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