Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges Faculty Spotlight: Meghan Carder 

Learning Differences

Throughout this academic year, we are celebrating faculty members who exemplify our year-long theme: Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges. We recently recognized Cognition and Learning Teacher Meghan Carder for her contributions in January.  

“I am so honored to be recognized and part of this community,” says Carder, who joined Forman last year. She currently teaches Reading Principles and Brain Matters in the Cognition and Learning Department. 

Below are two of Carder’s nominations: 

  • “Meghan's commitment to supporting her students outside of the four walls of her learning space and her outreach into our community of teachers has been so beneficial, supportive, and reassuring to a younger teacher like me.”
  • “Lately, I have seen Meghan collaborate with several fellow faculty members to ensure student success in all subject matters. Meghan is always willing to give advice and team up with other teachers to ascertain student performance in their classes. She is willing to help students find what works best for their learning style. She is really truly helping students to see their own neurodiversity as an asset.”

Carder says she breaks barriers and builds bridges at Forman by supporting her students and fellow faculty members. 

“I enjoy working in Cognition and Learning and with other academic departments to create a collaborative environment to meet the needs of each of our students,” she says. 

She adds, “I truly enjoy being part of the Forman community. I love my students and all the faculty and staff.”