Around the Green

Forman School student Florence Colantino ‘21 is taking a proactive approach to October being Dyslexia Awareness Month. Florence likes to celebrate differences and use them as a path to a better understanding of each other and our world. This month, she has designed and is passing out t-shirts to promote dyslexia awareness. All month long on Forman’s Instagram page, she will post facts about dyslexia, notes about people with dyslexia and their achievements, including famous dyslexics whose ideas and contributions have made the world a better place. “Being at Forman helped me to see my dyslexia in a new, positive way,” she says.

Florence has an upbeat outlook on her dyslexia and uses it to her advantage. “Dyslexia is my superpower,” she says. “Through it, I see the big picture pretty easily. It allows me to think outside the box and develop unorthodox but effective solutions to issues and problems I encounter.”  

She also says that “Dyslexia produces a unique mindset that is often gifted and productive. That mind just learns differently than others. I want to spread the word about the positive attributes of dyslexia. Only 3% of people perceive dyslexia as a strength. I want to change that outlook. 

“People tend to see dyslexia as a disability. But I want people to know that dyslexics are excellent at solving problems, we see in 3-D, have wonderful spatial reasoning skills, are strong abstract thinkers, and tend to be more curious, creative, and intuitive than the average person. All of that is worth celebrating!”